"Taylor Swift's boyfriend deserves it" - Fans start campaigning for Travis Kelce to be named on Madden cover

"Taylor Swift
"Taylor Swift's boyfriend deserves it" Fans start campaigning for Travis Kelce to be named on Madden cover

Madden fans are shipping Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's reportedly budding relationship. The singer's presence at games for the Kansas City Chiefs' tight end has increased interest in the league and now fans are insistent that there is more to potential commercial benefit.

Josh Allen is the face of Madden 24, but for next year people want Travis Kelce on the cover. Beyond his association with Taylor Swift, he is one of the best players in the league and arguably the best tight end in football at the moment. So, it makes sense in every way.

That is what Reddit fans argued as well and most of them reacted positively to the possibility.

Fans want Travis Kelce on Madden as people dig his reported relationship with Taylor Swift

A thread on Reddit came out with the possibility that Travis Kelce will be on the Madden cover. In reaction to that, people said that Taylor Swift's reported boyfriend deserves to be there.

Screenshot of sample discussions on Reddit
Screenshot of sample discussions on Reddit

Some fans are also pining for other players

Even though there might be a high chance of Travis Kelce being on the Madden cover next year, there are other players who have a claim to be on it too.

Tyreek Hill, for example, has been the best receiver this year and looks as explosive as ever. In terms of being a threat in the running and the passing game, it is hard to look beyond Christian McCaffrey. Because of that, fans are not united on this matter.

Quarterbacks are also always going to remain part of the conversation and someone like Tua Tagovailoa is making a case for himself this year. Even others like Brock Purdy might make the list, if he can lead the 49ers to bigger glories than last year. The likes of Kirk Cousins, who defeated the vaunted San Francisco team with the Minnesota Vikings this weekend, also has 16 touchdowns and leads the league and could find himself in the discussion.

In short, there will be no shortage of candidates but few will be able to match the star power of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. They seem to be replacing what Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen brought for many years to the NFL.

What needs to be discussed, however, is that in terms of Madden 25, there was a version that was released earlier featuring Barry Sanders. It remains to be seen what the next edition is called.

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