Watch: Squid Game fever takes over the Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills dominated the Texans on Sunday
The Buffalo Bills dominated the Texans on Sunday

The Buffalo Bills are perhaps the best team in football at the moment. After their shock loss in Week 1 to Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Josh Allen and his offense have put up points at will.

Since Week 1, the Bills offense has scored 35, 42 and 40 points as Josh Allen firms up as the early NFL MVP favorite alongside Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals. It's worth noting that in two of those three games, the Bills defense has shut out the opposition, with Miami and Houston held scoreless.

So the Bills are rolling and are in a confident mood heading into their Week 5 matchup against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. They will be looking to put up points in a potential shootout to extend their winning run to four games.

Squid Game takes over Buffalo Bills

On Sunday, the Bills and Josh Allen did as they pleased. Scoring 40 points and not allowing the Texans offense to score a single point. Understandably, the mood during the game was great and the Bills offense was spotted playing a quick game from Netflix show Squid Game.

The Korean drama series centers around hundreds of men and women who are in crippling debt and are given a chance at turning their life around. They accept an invitation to compete in several children's games for a huge cash prize with deadly stakes.

One of the games that was shown in the drama show was called "Red light, Green light" in which contestants need to walk/run a certain distance in a set timeframe. The catch is a big doll at the line and when the doll is turned around, contestant's can run/walk as fast as they can (green light).

However, when the doll turns around they must stop and not move (red light). In between snaps on Sunday, the Bills offense was seen playing this game. Stefon Diggs along with Dion Dawkins played the children's game and it was Diggs charged with moving and not getting caught. Something he couldn't quite accomplish. Take a look below.

The Netflix TV show has taken the world by storm over the last couple of weeks and now the Bills are taking it to the field.

Taking on the Chiefs and Mahomes on Sunday might make the Bills a little more locked in but last Sunday it was clear with the game in hand they were having a little fun in between snaps.

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