"They wanted the public to know" - NFL analyst claims Kyler Murray’s homework clause was designed to embarrass him

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys
Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys
Zachary Roberts

Kyler Murray's film study clause, which was in his massive contract extension signing recently, has been the subject of a lot of controversy. Murray came out in defense of his study habits and the team eventually rescinded it, but the damage was done.

One NFL analyst believes the Arizona Cardinals may have been playing chess all along, considering several moves ahead.

Still bothered by Kyler Murray’s situation. He has already had to deal with short jokes his entire life. Some say he looks like a toddler out there running around and now the Cardinals give him a homework clause in his contract. WHAT IN THE READING RAINBOW IS GOING ON IN ARIZONA?

Booger McFarland, a former ESPN Monday Night Football anchor, said as much on the 3 and Out podcast:

"There's some hesitancy based on what they know with him in the building, and how he prepares and how he studies for games. That's the only reason you put that in there. Like I've never seen it in a contract before. The only reason it's in there is because they want it to happen."
Kyler, I've tried to defend you. But now you're saying it's "disrespectful" to think you don't study game film WHEN YOU SIGNED A CONTRACT CONTAINING AN UNPRECEDENTED HOMEWORK CLAUSE??? You disrespected yourself. We can only assume you thought the clause was justified.

From McFarland's point of view, the simple fact that the contract included the clause is evidence that they don't like the quarterback's study habits:

"But the fact that they put this in a contract, where everyone knows that as soon as a contract is filed, everybody's gonna see it. They wanted the public to know, hey, yeah, they sent us a letter."

McFarland's hot take on Kyler Murray's homework clause

It would be shocking to find out that a team wanted to embarrass a player they just signed to a massive extension, but that's what McFarland believes:

"And they also want to embarrass the player a little bit... That conversation could have easily been had in a room at the Cardinals facility. Hey, listen, as we enter into this new partnership, we have a couple of things that we need you to work on."

McFarland also said there might be payback for Murray publicly, saying he wouldn't play without a new deal:

"You know, you sent us a letter back in February basically saying, Hey, we're not playing anymore. We want a new deal and you made that letter public, where we want you to study a little bit more. We want you to fix your attitude, we want you to be the ultimate professional. And they could have easily had that meeting behind closed doors, and nobody ever finds out."

The Cardinals may have had a little bit of hesitation towards signing someone they don't feel puts in the requisite amount of work:

"...And it kind of looks like we met their demands, but just so you know, we're gonna pay him. But here's what we're dealing with. And here's our hesitancy in paying this young man is because he doesn't work quite as hard."
San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Steve Keim
San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Steve Keim

McFarland also believes that the Cardinals knew they'd get backlash, but did so anyway as Murray went public with his demands first:

"And I don't care what they say with the blowback and taking the clause out, the damage is already done. Just like that letter they sent in February, the damage is already done."

If that is the case, then it might be a tense tenure in Arizona for Murray.

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