"This dude is a f***ing predator" - Pat McAfee confident justice will be served to Deshaun Watson 

Retired punter Pat McAfee and Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson
Retired punter Pat McAfee and Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson's woes continue to deepen after two more plaintiffs filed sexual misconduct lawsuits against the troubled star. The total number of complainants has now risen to 26.

Retired NFL punter and podcast host Pat McAfee addressed the two new allegations on his podcast, "The Pat McAfee Show." He said that while his show has a casual vibe to it, he's monitoring the Deshaun Watson situation closely:

"Now there are 26 allegations. We thought this thing was coming to a close. I think we all did. By the way, incredibly serious. And I say that every single time. Just because there's a chance that somebody is watching our clip for the first time and I'm wearing a tank top, he is playing a game, and we got a bunch of doofuses in the studio."

McAfee then proceeded to slam the Browns quarterback:

I would like everybody to know that we very much understand how serious these allegations are and what is being alleged that this dude is a fucking predator. Okay. Like that is real. That is very real. Just from the allegations now, we would like justice to be served to the 100th degree one way or the other, whatever it is."

McAfee had previously indicated on his podcast that he believes the women alleging the quarterback of sexual misconduct. He said:

""The stories all seem to be pretty similar.So this would be quite a ruse if everybody was lying."

Deshaun Watson expected to serve a season-long ban

Pressure continues to mount on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to punish Watson with a lengthy suspension. The league has handed the quarterback no punishment so far and has stayed quiet on the whole situation. But rumors suggest that a ban is forthcoming.

The 26 lawsuits and a New York Times report, which alleged that the quarterback visited at least 66 massage therapists in a 17-month span between 2019 and 2020, have pretty much ensured that the Browns won't have their star quarterback for most, if not all, of the 2022 NFL season.

Watson has indicated that he intends to fight the allegations to clear his name and could still manage to do so. But per Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, fighting each lawsuit could mean Watson will be in and out of court until at least 2024.

Things are getting tougher for the Browns and Watson with each passing day.

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Edited by Jay Lokegaonkar