"It might have been a fumble" - Tom Brady needles fans about Tuck Rule game on social media

The legendary quarterback Tom Brady on social media taunting Raiders' fans
The legendary quarterback Tom Brady on social media taunting Raiders' fans
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Tom Brady remains undefeated on social media. The 44-year-old is at it again, this time on TikTok. There is a trend started by Justin Bieber, in which people tell him something honest.

This is where the legnedary quarterback came in and delivered something that will make Raiders fans squirm in their seats and likely cause mass outrage. He took to his TikTok account and said.

β€œThe Tuck Rule game against the Raiders, It might have been a fumble.”
Everyone keep this on the down low please.

The Tuck Rule game that Brady is referring to happened way back in the AFC Championship game in 2001. In the fourth quarter, the Patriots quarterback dropped back to pass with his arm in a throwing motion before deciding to "tuck" the ball into his body.


Charles Woodson sacked Brady and a fumble occurred in which the Raiders recovered. Or, so we thought! After a lengthy review, it was deemed that the quarterback's arm was moving forward and was ruled as an incomplete pass.

We know that the Patriots would go on to win the game and the young quarterback won his first Super Bowl. This is still one of the most talked about incidents in NFL history.

Tom Brady had storied career after Tuck Rule game

Tom Brady winning his seventh Super Bowl title
Tom Brady winning his seventh Super Bowl title

For many, the Tuck Rule game changed the fortunes of the now seven-time Super Bowl champion. Some have said that had the call stood, we may not have seen the legendary quarterback become the player he is today.

Tuck rule or Fumble? πŸ‘€

Others have said that regardless of the result, the 44-year-old would still have seen unbridled success in the league. Still, over 20 years on, the Tuck Rule game is one of the most talked about and most debated moments ever in the history of the league.

Many have said that the officials on the night got it wrong, but for others, they got it right. Such is the debate surrounding the incident, ESPN made a documentary about the game and featured Charles Woodson and Brady himself.


The pair dissect the incident and both clearly have opposite views on it. With the 44-year-old now admitting that it may have been a fumble back in 2001, it will cause many Raiders fans to get a little annoyed and angry, even after all these years later.

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