Tom Brady's Adele-themed NFL commercial sparks mixed reactions from fans ahead of Bucs vs Patriots

Tom Brady makes his much antipated return to New England on Sunday
Tom Brady makes his much antipated return to New England on Sunday

Tom Brady will make his first ever return to Boston, where he made his name with Bill Belichick after swapping New England for Tampa Bay last year. In his first year with the Buccaneers, Brady led them to a Super Bowl victory over the Kansas City Chiefs to etch his GOAT status in the league.

Despite everything he has accomplished in his career, this will be the first time Brady will have gone back to New England, and it is a tantalizing prospect.

The media landscape had already been littered with journalists, sportscasters and the likes giving their take on it. Then the promo dropped.

To say it sent football fans into a frenzy would be an understatement. Featuring Adele’s hit “Hello” as the backdrop, the promo gives the prospect a sense of importance and appears spine-tingling.

The video features images and snippets of the quarterback's time with the Patriots before Brady, wearing the Bucs No. 12 jersey, suddenly hits the screen. There are numerous shots of Bill Belichick, Patriots fans and Brady with his new team along with the six Super Bowl banners hanging proudly at Gillette Stadium.

They used Adele to tease Tom Brady's return vs. the Patriots 😂

The video perfectly encapsulates what is about to happen on Sunday. It gives the game far more meaning as to the significance of what the NFL community is going to witness.

For football fans whose loyalties lie neither with the Buccaneers nor with the Patriots, the video carries a strong foretelling of what is to come as the prodigal son returns to the place where he created so many memories, including a remarkable haul of six Super Bowl championships.

It is certainly going to evoke different sensations for the returning quarterback as well as for every New England Patriots fan in the stadium on Sunday. It is a thing that will take some getting used to in the opening minutes, and whether Brady gets the rousing reception many think he should, or a chorus of boos, remains to be seen.

Mixed responses to Brady's return video

As can be expected, when the new video dropped, there were mixed emotions. Some Patriots fans are still unsure how they feel about Brady after his move last year, while others find themselves a little more nostalgic about the situation. Because of this, there have certainly been some mixed responses to the video.

Tom Brady + Bill Belichick + Adele = BEAUTIFUL! 🥲 I can’t wait for Sunday Night Football! #BradyvsBelichick #SNF
I keep watching the Brady Adele Hello video and I don’t think I have enough tears to keep watching it. Sunday is going to be crazy!
The Patriots, Brady and Adele lil hype video kinda sticky lol i like it
This is the greatest advertisement in history. I don’t really like Brady. I really don’t like the Patriots. I really really like football highlights with Adele tho.
It’s only Monday night and I’ve watched that Adele Tom Brady video about 1 million times. Gonna be a long week till Sunday yet?
The Tom Brady-Bill Belichick-Adele promo for Pats-Bucs is absolute gold.
Y'all having Adele sing over that Brady video is hilarious son
That Tom Brady and Bill Belichick hype video was a banger by Adele - Hello. #PatriotsvsBuccaneers #nfl #Adele #Patriots #Buccaneers #TomBrady
That Adele / Brady back to New England video made me want to dive into an empty swimming pool

It remains clear that a majority of football fans enjoyed the video montage of the greatest ever quarterback with the Patriots. It certainly adds another layer to a game that already has several narratives heading into it.

One thing is for sure — with all this hype around it, the game will not disappoint.

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