"Let the game be the game" - Travis Kelce furious as Chiefs Super Bowl winner vents on NFL rule changes  

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Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce shared his thoughts on the new rule changes that the NFL implemented this week.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce isn't one to hold back on how he feels. This week, after NFL team owners agreed on new rule changes for the 2023 NFL season, there were some grumblings from the stakeholders.

On this week's New Heights podcast with Travis and his older brother Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, they discussed the changes.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is not pleased with the new rules. He, unlike other NFL players, doesn't feel that safety should be the cause for rule changes.

"We are not playing soccer. Let the game be the game. Yeah, I mean, I'm all for that. I'm all for guys, you know, risking their livelihood. And I'm with it. I signed the dotted line, knowing that I was at risk. Okay. I'm with it."

Travis Kelce also said that he knew what he signed up for when he decided to play in the National Football League. The Chiefs TE added that he is perfectly fine being at risk when he makes a play and he 'didn't buckle his seatbelt' before doing so.

"Dude. I'm not in this thing to you know, think about safety. I didn't buckle up before I went over the middle to catch the ball. You know what I mean? I didn't buckle my seatbelt before… You have the best equipment you can. But at the end of the day, like that's the fun of the game."


Travis Kelce went on to say that he knows that the NFL's equipment is safe and that at the end of the day, the risk is the fun part of the game.

TE Travis Kelce comments on former teammate signing with Bengals

Travis Kelce isn't happy about his teammate joining the Bengals
Travis Kelce isn't happy about his teammate joining the Bengals

Offensive tackle Orlando Brown left the Kansas City Chiefs in free agency this offseason and signed with the Cincinnati Bengals on a four-year contract. While discussing current news headlines on the New Heights podcast, Travis Kelce mentioned his teammate leaving for the Bengals.

The Chiefs tight end wasn't happy about Brown deciding to sign with the Cincinnati Bengals after the two teams' recent history.

“It stings. It hurts. It hurts my soul, man. It’s like watching your best friend just turn evil on you. Obviously, the past, like, two years we’ve struggled beating the Bengals, so there’s been a lot of build-up in emotion of like, I wouldn’t say ‘hate’ but dislike towards the Bengals because they keep beating us and they keep talking about it every time they do. To see him go to the dark side, it’s an awkward feeling.”

Whether Travis Kelce likes it or not, his teammate is now on the 'evil side' and will be another impediment in his attempts to defeat the Bengals.

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