Trey Lance gets criticized by fans for throwing risky TD in disappointing performance vs. Raiders - “That was a horrible play”

San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
San Francisco 49ers vs. Las Vegas Raiders

The San Francisco 49ers beganning their preseason slate against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, giving Trey Lance a chance to remind everyone of why he was taken so high in the 2021 draft class.

With Brock Purdy and Sam Darnold now thought to be above Lance in the pecking order for Kyle Shanahan's team, the preseason games are a chance for Lance to thrust himself back into calculations.

But the first half against the Raiders wasn't good for the former No. 3 pick.

In his first bit of action, Lance got the 49ers into the red zone, but he threw a risky pass into the end zone that was tipped before luckily falling to a 49ers player.

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One fan didn't like the play one bit:

"I don’t care if it was a td, that was a horrible play from Lance."

Other NFL fans gave their two cents on Lance's throw, and many aren't impressed.

Despite the pass being a touchdown, NFL fans know the throw was less than ideal.

Trey Lance fighting for his 49ers future?

San Francisco 49ers vs. Las Vegas Raiders
San Francisco 49ers vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Everything heard out of the national media this offseason would suggest that Trey Lance's future with the San Francisco 49ers is hanging by a thread. After the emergence of Brock Purdy last season, Lance has dropped down the depth chart.

It's clear that Purdy is the starter, and for many, Sam Darnold is the backup, which leaves Lance in the third-string spot.

Is this where he will stay? There have been murmurings that the 49ers could look to trade Lance and simply go forward with Purdy and Darnold as their quarterbacks for the 2023 season.


Whether that changes or not is unknown, but these preseason games are where Lance could change the 49ers' mind if they are thinking of trading him.

But making risky throws into the end zone as he did, definitely will not help his case.

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