"Zach Wilson is a dawg, but I'd rather play with most accurate QB" - Tyreek Hill reiterates trust in Tua Tagovailoa over other 31 NFL QBs

Tyreek Hill (middle) recently completed a trade from the Kansas City Chiefs to join the Miami Dolphins
Tyreek Hill (middle) recently completed a trade from the Kansas City Chiefs to join the Miami Dolphins

Tyreek Hill has gone out of his way to praise his new quarterback Tua Tagovailoa ever since being traded from the Kansas City Chiefs. The All-Pro wideout recently completed a shock move in the offseason to join AFC East heavyweights Miami Dolphins.

While many have criticized Tua for his inconsistencies as a quarterback, Hill has been rather vocal regarding the former Alabama star's prowess as a pocket passer. Hill even went on to compare Tua to Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes, claiming that he's sees a lot of similarities between the two.


What's important to note here is that Tua is yet to win a playoff game while Mahomes is a former league MVP and Super Bowl winner.


So it came as no surprise when the wideout while appearing on First Take disclosed why he chose to sign for the Dolphins instead of the New York Jets. A team that too had made a move for the former Chiefs star:

"I just feel like a lot of people haven't seen young Tua's full potential... I had a chance to practice with him and I see a lot of similarities when I look at him & look at Patrick (Mahomes)."

But it is perhaps what he said next that took NFL fans by surprise. While praising Jets QB Zach Wilson, the wideout claimed that Tua is the most accurate quarterback currently in the league:

"Zach Wilson is a dawg, but i'd rather play with the most accurate quarterback in the NFL."

This comment sparked a lot of debate among fans. And many believe that this over-the-top praise for Tua is doing more harm than good for the young quarterback.

Tua Tagovailoa's underthrow to Tyreek Hill still fresh in every NFL fan's memory

Earlier in the offseason, the Dolphins social media team had posted a video where Tua seemed to severely underthrow a pass to Tyreek Hill. The deep ball that ultimately came short required the wide receiver to cut back on his pace to field the ball as if it were a punt.


The video itself was enough to put pressure on Tua ahead of the 2022 NFL season. Now with all the lofty claims that the former Super Bowl winner has made, there'll be even more pressure on the young quarterback to perform.

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