“His pockets are weighing him down, so he won't hear too much” - Shannon Sharpe believes Tyreek Hill will struggle offensively with Tua Tagovailoa

Miami Dolphins Press Conference
Miami Dolphins Press Conference

Tyreek Hill is one of the newest members of the new-look Miami Dolphins. The player known as "The Cheetah" for his blazing speed is looking to continue making a name for himself as the fastest man in the NFL while making splash plays with Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

But there are some, such as Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe, who think that Hill's speed may not be utilized due to Tagovailoa's perceived lack of arm strength. This came after Miami posted a video of Hill coming back for a football thrown by Tua.

Sharpe discussed the matter on Undisputed with fellow co-host Skip Bayless:

“When Mahomes got there, Andy Reid finally had a guy that was willing to push the ball down the field and could push the ball down the field 50-60 yards and take full advantage of Tyreek’s ability."

He went on to say:

"Tyreek chose the bag. I have no problem with it. That’s $120 million. He got 70 million bucks inside. Jaylen Waddle, who was with Tua last year, had 104 catches for 1,015 yards. That's less than 10 yards a catch."

Sharpe continued with his statement:

"Jaylen Waddle is the guy that gets down the field. He’s a sub 4-4 guy, maybe sub 4-3, right? But because Tua doesn't have the kind of arm strength to push the ball down the field, they run smokescreens, jailbreaks, screens and all things of that nature. Tyreek Hill is going to find out. But I guess his pockets are weighing him down so he won't hear too much."

Many share the belief with Sharpe that Tua will be unable to consistently find "The Cheetah" downfield during the season, not in the manner that Mahomes did.

Will Tyreek Hill and the Miami Dolphins make the playoffs next season?

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs

The 2022 edition of the Miami Dolphins will feature several fast players that have the ability to stretch a defense and make plays from anywhere on the field. It all starts with Hill, who earned a four-year, $120 million deal.

Dolphins are giving their new WR Tyreek Hill a 4-year, $120 million extension, including $72.2 million guaranteed, per ⁦@DrewJRosenhaus⁩.

The team also returns second-year receiver Jaylen Waddle, who set the rookie record last season with 104 receptions. He is also fast, posting an unofficial 40-yard dash time of 4.37 seconds back in 2021.

Miami also signed former San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert, who previously ran a 4.32 time at the NFL Combine back in 2015.

New head coach Mike McDaniel will certainly look to utilize that speed to try and skate past the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots in the AFC East division.

Josh Allen and the Bills have ruled the AFC East for the past two seasons. Miami will look to utilize their explosive new offense to lethal effect. An offense that can score from anywhere on the field, at any time.

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