VIDEO: Ravens star advocates for Hall of Fame WR Terrell Owens' return to NFL

Marcus Peters wants to see Terrell Owens return to the NFL
Marcus Peters wants to see Terrell Owens return to the NFL
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Marcus Peters wants to see Terrell Owens return to the NFL, and he promised that he'd do whatever it entailed of him to make that happen as soon as possible. That will include returning to Baltimore Ravens camp after suffering a torn ACL last summer and advocating for Owens' return as he navigates his own.

Speaking to FuboSports with Owens present, Peters pledged to let the Ravens know that the current Fan Controlled Football league wide receiver still has what it takes to play at the highest professional level. You can watch the video of Peters' statement here:

Marcus Peters says he’ll return to the Ravens practice facility on Tuesday, which is the start of OTAs Week 2(and he’ll campaign for a Terrell Owens return, apparently)

Peters owns an FCF team called the Beasts, but Owens is a member of another team, the Knights of Degen. Despite not being in business together right now, the Ravens will hear Peters' best pitch for Owens to return.


Terrell Owens could still have NFL mileage left

Based on his performances in the FCF league, it's clear that Terrell Owens still has mileage left if he were to do the unthinkable and attempt an NFL return at the age of 48. Owens hauled in three touchdowns and two two-point conversions in KOD's season finale.

By no means would he be anything close to a WR1, but there are practice rosters the wideout could easily make, given the shape he keeps himself in and the notoriety he'd receive in his comeback efforts. The business of the NFL could undoubtedly benefit from having a high-profile return like Owens.


Even his FCF return inspired plenty of headlines. As Owens explained to ESPN's Tim McManus, he did not come back to prove any naysayers wrong about an older player not being able to hang because of age:

"I can do a lot of things that people feel I can't do. It's not a matter of me going out there and trying to prove anybody wrong. I just don't like the notion that people see it, even in the National Football League, it's almost like, OK, you've reached a certain age at whatever point in time in your life and they feel like you can't play anymore or your skills decline to a degree. Of course everybody's skills at some point may decline, but I think there are certain people that kind of defy those odds, and I think I'm one of those people."
In case you missed the news. LFG @terrellowens

Marcus Peters has an uphill climb to get Owens back to the NFL, but if he were somehow successful, perhaps Lamar Jackson could get whatever mileage is left from Terrell Owens' wheels.

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