WATCH: Jackson Mahomes, brother of Patrick, causes further embarrassment by creating a scene at nightclub

Jackson Mahomes (l) and Patrick Mahomes (r)
Jackson Mahomes (l) and Patrick Mahomes (r)

Jackson Mahomes, the brother of the Kansas City Chiefs' former NFL MVP-winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has made a name for himself as a villain. This is due to his numerous off-field incidents displaying little self-awareness and plenty of self-destructive tendencies.

The younger Mahomes brother, who’s known for his viral TikTok dances and generally bizarre behavior, has had another public display go viral on social media.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, a drunk and unruly Jackson can be seen castigating the bartender for reasons unclear, before shifting his attention to a group of patrons.

This isn't the first time Jackson has provoked bystanders while under the influence. In another viral video last year, Jackson poured water on a Ravens fan celebrating a victory over Patrick Mahomes' Chiefs.

Before that, while the Washington Football Team was honoring the late Sean Taylor, Jackson Mahomes danced on a sectioned-off area with Taylor's number and their logo on it before posting it to his TikTok.


Patrick Mahomes did not ban Brittany Matthews and Jackson Mahomes from games

It was rumored that Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Matthews had Jackson banned from attending Chiefs games. But Mahomes shut those rumors down on Twitter, saying "Y’all just be making stuff up these days."

Rich Ohrnberger, who first reported the story, joined The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon on FOX Sports Radio to explain his actions.

"It’s interesting when you’re handed a piece of information that you believe with all your heart is true, sounds true, is from a credible source. And beyond that, it’s from a source that is expressing the fact that the story’s been vetted. And that it’s good for air.
"I’m not trying to play a victim here because I actually feel contrition for the fact that I spreaded [sic] a story out there that went viral that wasn’t 100% accurate or well-vetted. That is my responsibility as a broadcaster."

Regardless, the Chiefs signal-caller will likely enjoy fielding fewer questions about the antics of his brother during press conferences.

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