WATCH: Jason Kelce delivers surprise rap performance on Jeopardy

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets
Jason Kelce appears on Jeopardy

Jason Kelce has officially retired from the NFL after 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. He did so while still at the top of his game and as one of the best overall offensive linemen in the entire league. He was named a first-team All-Pro in six of the last seven years.

While the legendary center may one day be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he has also been carving out a successful career in media. His "New Heights" podcast with Travis Kelce has become extremely popular and has potentially opened some doors for him to pursue other media opportunities.

One of those recently came during an appearance on the Jeopardy Masters tournament aired on ABC network television. He received the prestigious honor of being featured in an entire category of clues, which included him epically delivering the lyrics of "Push It" by Salt-N-Peppa.

Here's Kelce's performance:

"I was a key part of our quarterback sneak known as the Tush Push. So I always smile knowingly when I hear their song, 'Ah, push it, push it good, ah, push it, push it real good.' "

The Tush Push became a trademark of the Philadelphia Eagles offense and had enormous success converting in short-yardage situations. They would line up in a rugby scrum style of formation, with two players pushing quarterback Jalen Hurts from behind.

The play required the offensive line to get a good push at the line of scrimmage, especially Kelce, who Hurts would follow behind.

Jason Kelce shares his frustrations with the Tush Push

Jason Kelce
Jason Kelce

While the Tush Push has grown to become nearly unstoppable for the Philadelphia Eagles, apparently Jason Kelce wasn't the biggest fan of the way it has been executed.

According to Laura Okmin of Fox Sports, he took issue with the fact that he would always end up at the bottom of the pile of players from both teams, which resulted from the way the play was run.

In fact, Okmin reported that whenever the play was called in the Eagles' huddle, Kelce would respond by exclaiming, "F**k my life!"

Despite his apparent frustrations with his role in the play, Kelce executed it perfectly. According to Jason Camenker of the Sporting News, they successfully converted 92.5% of their attempts when running the Tush Push. That may not have been possible without a legendary center like Jason Kelce.

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