Watch: NFL gets in on the Squid Game bandwagon with parody video

Fox Sports produced a fantastic NFL Squid Game skit
Fox Sports produced a fantastic NFL Squid Game skit

The NFL universe spends no time when a good trend pops up. This time, Squid Game enters the football universe.

Squid Game is a new Netflix TV show that quickly became one of the world's most popular - and with good reason: it's a fantastic show. The Squid Game is about hundreds of people who are cash-strapped and enter a contest regarding children's games for a huge cash prize. The problem? If you get eliminated, you are shot and killed.

The @BuffaloBills have been watching Squid Game too.๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿšฆ (via @BuffaloBills)

There is only one winner for the final prize, the biggest of them all.

Does this remind you of anything?

Fox Sports makes NFL Squid Game skit

Fox Sports grabbed the Squid Game and had a fantastic idea for a skit: what if they picked the teams with a disappointing start to the season and produced a remake of the original idea?

Teams with disastrous results over the first four weeks were called to the game. Not all of them had losing records: the New Orleans Saints, for example, were 2-2, but there's a disclaimer about how the Saints' loss to the New York Giants counts as two. Or even the Cincinnati Bengals, who boasted a 3-1 record, but the game host says "they're used to having the Bengals there".

"You are all here because your teams have completed 4 weeks of games with disastrous results... Saints, you lost to the Giants, that counts as like 2 losses." It's time for a peak at the new hit show, "Squad Game" ๐Ÿ‘€

The skit only gets better. As the host announces the game, he states that those teams have only 13 games remaining to prove they're worthy of the playoffs, but the Indianapolis Colts replied with a Jim Mora's "Playoffs? You're kidding me? Don't talk about playoffs" reference, which only makes the skit better.

All the teams get roasted, but it's good fun. The announcer makes fun of the Jacksonville Jaguars, saying that even with 13 weeks remaining, the Jaguars don't have a chance (they really don't). The Chicago Bears get roasted as they get excited with a .500 record after beating the Detroit Lions, and even the San Francisco 49ers, a team that everybody has no idea whether it's good or not.

We still have no idea whether the San Francisco 49ers are a good NFL team or not
We still have no idea whether the San Francisco 49ers are a good NFL team or not

Most of the teams that were present in the skit will not make the NFL playoffs at the end of the day, as the first four weeks gave us a good look at who's going to make the playoffs and who's not. Still, the idea was very well executed and the creative team deserves credit for it.

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