WATCH: Peyton Manning left disgusted with Bengals as Tyler Boyd's trick play turns into disaster vs Jaguars

Peyton Manning could not believe what happened when Tyler Boyd tried to play quarterback - outside images via Getty, inner image via ESPN
Peyton Manning could not believe what happened when Tyler Boyd tried to play quarterback (Outside images via Getty, inner image via ESPN)

Peyton Manning has seen his fair share of bad decisions on the ManningCast, but the latest one had him briefly leaving his chair in disgust.

The Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars have been engaging in a shootout that has seen four deadlocks. However, there was one devastating sequence that had many wondering why and how it even happened in the first place: a trick play gone wrong.

During the third quarter, wide receiver Tyler Boyd received a lateral pass from Jake Browning that he intended to throw to running back Joe Mixon. Unfortunately, it wound up in the hands of linebacker Josh Allen:

Here's the video:

The Hall-of-Fame former quarterback, his younger brother Eli, and their guest Kay Adams could only watch in utter horror at Boyd's blunder, while covering the game on the ManningCast:

The interception subsequently set up Trevor Lawrence's touchdown leap on the ensuing drive, putting the Jaguars up 28-21.

However, the Bengals eventually won 34-31 in overtime via a 48-yard field goal by Evan McPherson:

What else did Peyton Manning do on the ManningCast?

Speaking of Kay Adams, the ManningCast represented the perfect opportunity to showcase her Cincinnati Bengals fandom. When Ja'Marr Chase shed a tackle to score a long receiving touchdown, she started screaming, leading to annoyed reactions from fans on X (formerly called Twitter):

She would eventually apologize:

Before that, Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa showcased his surprising musical skills, playing Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven" on guitar:

Who is Josh Allen? A look at career of Jaguars linebacker who intercepted Tyler Boyd's trick play pass

Has Peyton Manning found a new favorite defensive player in Jacksonville? Based on Josh Allen's performance on Monday (two tackles and one and a hald sacks to go with said interception), he may have.

When people think of Josh Allen, they think of the Buffalo Bills quarterback who has been responsible for turning the Buffalo Bills into Super Bowl contenders, but there is another top player by that name, a linebacker.

Josh Allen was drafted seventh overall by the Jaguars out of Kentucky in 2019. As a rookie, he started only four of 16 games but had 10.5 sacks (the franchise record for a rookie), enough to make the Pro Bowl as an alternate.

He became a starter in 2021, interestingly enough during Urban Meyer's much-maligned sole partial season with the team. He had 71 tackles (46 solo) four pass defletions and an interception.

With the arrival of Doug Pedersen in 2022, Allen became a key component of the Jaguars' return to the playoffs. He had 11 tackles (7 solo) combined in his two postseason games.

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