Watch: Tom Brady helps Jamie Foxx un-retire actress Cameron Diaz after 8-year hiatus

Tom Brady helped Jamie Foxx bring Cameron Diaz back to acting.
Tom Brady helped Jamie Foxx bring Cameron Diaz back to acting.

Tom Brady was described by actor Jamie Foxx as the GOAT in a phone call used to bring actress Cameron Diaz back to acting after an eight-year hiatus. Brady joined Foxx on a call with Diaz to convince her to un-retire, just as the Tampa Bay quarterback did this March after a brief post-NFL career.

This was Foxx's original tweet that supposedly informed Diaz that the call was being recorded:

"Cameron I hope you aren’t mad I recorded this, but no turning back now. Had to call in the GOAT to bring back another GOAT. Cameron Diaz and I are BACK IN ACTION - our new movie with Netflix. Production starting later this year!!"

He hat-tipped Brady, or at least Foxx's Twitter avatar made it seem that way, in a follow-up quote tweet:

Tom Brady, meanwhile, offered Diaz advice on how to un-retire.

“I was talking to Jamie and he said you needed a few tips on how to un-retire. I’m relatively successful at un-retiring."

Diaz didn't flinch and said she would return to making movies.

"Honestly…exactly what I needed,” she said.

The 49-year-old will star alongside Foxx in Netflix's action-comedy "Back in Action." The pair co-starred in 1999's "Any Given Sunday" and the 2014 version of "Annie."


Tom Brady has another retired pro he needs to bring back

It's tremendous for the movie industry to have Cameron Diaz back, but Tom Brady didn't move the needle forward for the Buccaneers by bringing back the voice of Princess Fiona from Shrek.

One way he can convince someone useful to boost Tampa Bay's Super Bowl LVII hopes is by phoning up former tight end Rob Gronkowski, who recently retired from the NFL for a second time.


Gronkowski's agent Drew Rosenhaus told ESPN's Adam Schefter what it would take to reel the former tight end out of retirement:

"It would not surprise me if Brady calls him during the season to come back and Rob answers the call. This is just my opinion but I wouldn't be surprised if Rob comes back during the season or next season."

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