What happened to Tee Higgins?

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
Tee Higgins of the Cincinnati Bengals reacts after taking a hit

After having surgery soon after the Los Angeles Rams' Super Bowl defeat, Tee Higgins sustained an injury during the playoffs last year. Tee Higgins came back with the squad at the start of the season.

Higgins caught two passes for 27 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 before suffering a concussion and exiting the match in the second quarter. He was fit shortly afterward.

Tee Higgins is not on the field again and it feels like this is something the broadcast should mention.

The Cincinnati Bengals receiver was sidelined this past week due to an ankle problem. As a result, he missed a large portion of Sunday night's defeat to the Ravens in Baltimore.

After he finished without a catch in the first half, the Bengals declared shortly into the third quarter that Higgins' comeback was uncertain due to a left ankle sprain.

With more minutes, receiver Mike Thomas caught one pass for 33 yards in the second quarter of the Bengals' scoring drive, which led to Hayden Hurst's 19-yard touchdown catch.

After the match, Joe Burrow, the quarterback for the Bengals, remarked, "Whenever you lose a guy like Tee, who is one of the top receivers in the NFL. Of course, it will always be difficult whenever you lose a guy like that. But I think the men who took his position did a fantastic job."

Earlier, former NFL All-Pro receiver Brandon Marshall claimed that Higgins wasn't given enough recognition for being one of the league's best receivers.

Tee Higgins has a big role to play this season

The first and most important quality to highlight about Tee Higgins is that his hands are made of silk. He steals the ball, wins a large bulk of the 50/50 matchups, and puts it well into his body to retain it. He typically beats his opponent in the air thanks to his excellent trigger. He understands how to place himself along the line to keep his feet on the field.

Tee Higgins tried to fight through his ankle injury, per Zac Taylor. Wanted to give it another go at halftime but didn't feel good enough to play it. Taylor: "He's a tough guy."

He had a lot of sideline receptions throughout his time at Clemson. The same is true of his ability to spot the ball as it passes over his body. It will be the responsibility of the opposition defensive coordinators to avoid placing an insufficient number of cornerbacks on him to avoid being continually punished.

Tee Higgins' objective for his third league season is to maintain his ascent through the ranks.

Higgins, who joined the Bengals in 2020, has been a key component of their attack for the past two seasons, accumulating 908 and 1,091 yards while scoring twelve TDs.

After Ja'Marr Chase, Higgins is the team's second-leading receiver; thus, he needs to do his best to avoid injury this season (after missing three matches in the previous one).

Beyond the athletic strategy, having a strong year free of injuries would mean that, with only two years left on his rookie deal, he could negotiate a new deal from a position of advantage.

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