Who is Franco Harris’ wife, Dana Dokmanovich? All you need to know about late Steelers legend’s partner

Who is Franco Harris’ wife, Dana Dokmanovich? (Image credit: lifeofalpha.com)
Who is Franco Harris’ wife, Dana Dokmanovich? (Image credit: lifeofalpha.com)

Franco Harris, the former Pittsburgh Steelers running back, passed away at 72. The Hall of Fame RB was known for creating the “Immaculate Reception”, which is considered to be the NFL's most popular way. Despite his larger-than-life career, Harris' personal life was relatively private.

The news of his death was shared by his family to The Associated Press. Apparently, Harris died overnight. The family, however, did not share a confirmed cause of death.


Harris, a four-time Super Bowl champion, is survived by his wife Dana Dokmanovich, and their son Dok.

While Harris appears to have an official but unverified Instagram account, there are a few photos from his personal life. Harris' Instagram has just over 38,000 followers and mostly covers events he has attended, as well as photos with celebrities and fans he has met. There is less information available about his wife.

In fact, Dokmanovich is yet to give out any official statement about the NFL legend passing away. Though there is not enough information about their wedding or engagement, they probably did date for a good amount of time before tying the knot.

When did Franco Harris marry Dana Dokmanovich?

As mentioned, Franco Harris was quite private about his personal life. Unlike more recent and young NFL stars, Harris' social media account was limited to work and events, barely covering private moments shared with family.

There is not much available about Harris' dating history, even after he started dating Dakmanovish.

Franco Harris at the 2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
Franco Harris at the 2022 NFL Draft - Round 1

That being said, IMBD's trivia page about the star refers to his wife as a 'longtime girlfriend'. Considering Harris' 13 NFL seasons, the two seem to have dated for some time before tying the knot.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed date available on the website.

Does Franco and Dana Harris have any kids?

Harris and Dana have one son together: Franco Dokmanovich Harris Jr.

That being said, it was Dok who shared the news of his father's demise with The Associated Press. Though Dok did inform the press, their family refrained from sharing any personal statements.

Interestingly, Dok ran for Mayor of Pittsburgh in 2009. He finished in second place with 25% of the vote.

Harris, easily one of the NFL's best RBs, attended Penn State University for four years, hailing from Fort Dix, New Jersey.

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