Why was Dave Portnoy banned from NFL games?

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy
Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy

Dave Portnoy the founder of Barstool Sports has caused issues for the NFL with a protest in 2015. Barstool Sports have been banned by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The ban consists of all events that the NFL holds whether it be Regular Season, Playoffs, Draft or Super Bowl events.

Why Roger Goodell banned Barstool Sports and Dave Portnoy from NFL events

Barstool Sports felt that the NFL did not handle the Deflategate scandal properly. This would cause Dave Portnoy and three other Barstool Sports employees to host a protest. The protest held by Portnoy and employees would take place outside of the NFL's headquarters.

Portnoy would go even further with his feelings on how Goodell and the NFL handled the situation by making towels that had Goodell's face on them. These towels would have Roger Goodell's face with a clown nose on them. Dave Portnoy would have 70,000 towels made with this image on them.

This would not be the last time that Barstool Sports and the NFL would have a run in. Dave Portnoy and Eric Sollenberger would be escorted out of one of the biggest media days in the NFL. The two Barstool Sports employees even disguised themselves to pass through security at the 2018 Super Bowl media day.

Portnoy and Sollenberger would make a mockery out of the media day before being caught. Barstool Sports employee Eric Sollenberger would get Rams running back Todd Gurley to utter a profanity in the Rams media day after a discussion about cats.

Before being caught, Portnoy and Sollenberger would go after Rams defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh by saying that he was the dirtiest player in the NFL and he better not hurt Tom Brady. They also questioned Gurley about the knee that he took instead of scoring a touchdown in the Rams win over the Packers that cost $40,000 in bets. It was shortly after these comments the two were caught and removed from the event.

Both Sollenberger and Portnoy disguised themselves and made fake media badges to ensure they would not be stopped by security. Portnoy would wear a hat and a fake mustache and go under the name Frannie Lydon. Barstool Sports founder would go further by having a 'I heart Roger Goodell' on the hat he was wearing.


Dave Portnoy was charged with criminal trespassing. Eric Sollenberger was arrested for criminal trespassing and he even claimed he was questioned by the FBI in an interview he did with TMZ. It's safe to say that it would take a miracle for Barstool Sports to make it back into the NFL any time soon, if ever.

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