Will Aaron Rodgers play against Seahawks? Packers QB does not rule out possibility

Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks
Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks

While Jordan Love deputized for Aaron Rodgers in his absence against the Kansas City Chiefs, Aaron Rodgers is still the starter once he is back from his coronavirus hiatus. Head Coach Matt LeFleur confirmed as much when he said that although Jordan Love will take all the reps on the field, even if Aaron Rodgers joins on video calls, should he be available, he will play.

What chances does Aaron Rodgers give himself of being available?

Aaron Rodgers himself seemed pretty confident of playing against the Seattle Seahawks this weekend. He appeared on the Pat McAfee show, his first appearance since his widely mocked comments on the same show last week.

Aaron Rodgers did not elaborate any further on the controversial comments, saying he gave an opinion and would keep further comments between himself and his doctors. Instead he said he would like to get back to what he does best, playing ball.

Indeed, there is no disputing his greatness on the field and the entire Packers fanbase was looking towards whether Aaron Rodgers himself felt certain to play this weekend after the underwhelming debut of Jordan Love against the Kansas City Chiefs. When asked on the Pat McAfee show, he replied thus,

He did not say for sure that he would be playing against the Seahawks, leaving open a tiny window of possibility that he may not play. It might be a team decision if they feel that he has not recovered sufficiently physically from COVID. Or it might be his personal decision if he does not feel up to it.

He implied the greater possibility is that he will certainly play against the Seattle Seahawks. He trusts himself enough to know that having taken the reps throughout the season, he already has a better rapport with the offense than Jordan Love. Aaron Rodgers also backs himself well enough to know that if he were to have only video calls to learn the schemes for the game, he could still go straight from the couch to the field and pull off a victory.

Ultimately, it seems very likely that Aaron Rodgers will play against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Both Aaron Rodgers and head coach Matt LeFleur seem bullish on their expectations of his return. Green Bay Packers fans will certainly be hoping that is the case so that they can likely get back to winning ways.

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