“You can move off Garoppolo” - Colin Cowherd makes bold claim about Jimmy Garoppolo's 49ers future after a season-ending injury

San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons
Jimmy Garoppolo: San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons

The San Francisco 49ers suffered a massive blow in their 33-17 win over the Miami Dolphins in Week 13. Starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo broke his foot and is now ruled out for the entire season.

This is a major letdown for the 49ers, as they have been deemed a Super Bowl contender this season. Garoppolo played quite well after replacing an injured Trey Lance on Sunday night, but now the 49ers will have to move forward with their 7th-round draft pick out of Iowa, Brock Purdy.

Breaking: Jimmy Garoppolo is out for the season with a broken foot

Colin Cowherd, who hosts The Herd on Fox Sports 1, believes Jimmy Garoppolo's career with the San Francisco 49ers is over, and the quarterback will not return next season. Here's what he said on his podcast:

"It's good news, bad news. It creates clarity. The bad news is you're not gonna win the Super Bowl. But the good news is, it is now going to be a true Lance Brock Purdy franchise going forward. Or Tom Brady. Those rumors will heat up. You can move off Garoppolo."

Colin Cowherd continued:

"Now, there was so much indecision. It was, I mean, we asked this, what do you do with Jimmy Garoppolo? What do you do? Well, now, now you have clarity. The big concern with Jimmy is injuries. And he's more Dak Prescott than he is Aaron Rodgers or Mahomes."

He added:

"He's good enough, I believe, to win a Super Bowl. But now, when you stack up his career, you add another injury to it. You got to move off him. So he's brittle. You gotta move off him. It's okay. Somebody will pick him up. Tampa, if they lose Brady, will pick him up. The New York Giants, if they're moving off, Daniel Jones will pick him up..."

With Trey Lance also ruled out for the entire season, the chances of the 49ers making it to the Super Bowl have taken a huge hit.

Brock Purdy looked decent against the Miami Dolphins, but it will be interesting to see how he plays going forward.

Jimmy Garoppolo was expected to return to San Francisco in 2023

Justin Herbert and Jimmy Garoppolo
Justin Herbert and Jimmy Garoppolo

Prior to the game against the Miami Dolphins in Week 13, reports emerged that both Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers were interested in a return in 2023.

Back in 2023?The #49ers and QB Jimmy Garoppolo are both open to his return next season under the right circumstances, sources say. A scenario that seemed unfathomable a few months ago. My story:…

Garoppolo will be a free agent after this season, and the 49ers were impressed by how he led the team in the absence of Trey Lance.

However, Garoppolo's season-ending injury might change all plans. He is still expected to attract other teams, but a return to San Francisco now seems unlikely unless Trey Lance doesn't show signs of promise.

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