NFL Free Agency 2023: Taylor Lewan to sign with Bengals? Former Titans OT hints at potential move

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans
Could Taylor Lewan join the Bengals?

Longtime offensive lineman Taylor Lewan was recently released by the Tennessee Titans, but he might have found his new home already. The Cincinnati Bengals appear to be a desired destination for the former Titan.

On his Bussin' with the Boys podcast, which is also where he announced that he had been released, Lewan simply said: "I know the Bengals need a left tackle" over and over again.

The Bengals have struggled to protect quarterback Joe Burrow since they drafted him. It was a big reason he suffered a knee injury in 2020 that cost him half of his rookie season and a lack of protection has come back to bite them several times over the last two seasons.


They made the Super Bowl and then the AFC Championship Game in those two seasons, but with a legitimately protective offensive line, they may not have come up short either time.

Finding good left tackles can be hard, but the Bengals clearly have one that's interested in playing for them. Given that they are once again drafting towards the end of the first round, Lewan may be a safer and simpler pick to shore up their line and protect their franchise quarterback.

How much will Taylor Lewan sign for?

Taylor Lewan was signed for $16 million in 2022. Going forward, that price might dip. He's obviously not the same player he used to be, which might be helpful in negotiating a lower price for a contender like the Bengals.


The expected market value for a left tackle in 2023 is $22 million. It's what Orlando Brown is expected to get, so Lewan will be significantly cheaper than Brown.

Taylor Lewan will probably sign for two years and about $25 million in total. It won't be a lengthy contract as he is 31 years old and it also won't be one that breaks the bank.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans

Since the Bengals will need to extend Joe Burrow very soon, they need to start saving money where they can. Burrow might sign for around $50 million per year as his worth would dictate.

Protecting an investment of that stature is important, so Taylor Lewan might be headed to Cincinnati after all.

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