NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Where does every AFC team stand?

Cincinnati Bengals v Las Vegas Raiders
Cincinnati Bengals v Las Vegas Raiders

Here are the AFC power rankings for Week 12. The bottom five in the power rankings this week have all but stayed the same, apart from the new worst team in the league. The middle of the rankings is where things begin to get interesting. Many of the teams that ranked lower last week got much-needed boosts, but the Las Vegas Raiders have continued to plummet as the New England Patriots have started to rise even higher.

AFC Power Rankings Week 12: How far have the Raiders dropped?

#16 - New York Jets - (2-8)

Previous Rank: 15

Next Week: Houston Texans

There is a new worst team in the league. The New York Jets have all but returned to their losing ways and have dropped to the bottom in this week's power rankings. Although they stayed strong against the Dolphins on Sunday, not even the veteran Joe Flacco could take them off their plummet. The Texans' game on Sunday could prove to be another knife in their hearts.

#15 - Houston Texans - (2-8)

Previous Rank: 16

Next Week: New York Jets

The Houston Texans beat the Titans. No one can quite figure out how and why, but they get to be rewarded with a small jump in this week's power rankings. The Texans still have one of the worst points differentials in the league, but they could remain a bit more competitive with Tyrod Taylor.

#14 - Jacksonville Jaguars - (2-8)

Previous Rank: 14

Next Week: vs. Atlanta Falcons

There is growing concern that the Jaguars may have been too hasty in their selection of Trevor Lawrence with the #1 pick. All the other rookie players are seemingly playing much better, and he may end up a bust in the NFL. Time will tell, but the Jaguars will need to build around him to see if he is truly worth further investment.

#13 - Miami Dolphins - (4-7)

Previous Rank: 13

Next Week: vs. Carolina Panthers

The Dolphins are on a winning streak. They have won their last three games and look to be a much more competitive team.

They did just play the Jets, but a win is a win. Their tough test comes against the Panthers this week. Should they log another win, they may be jumping further up the power rankings next week.

#12 - Las Vegas Raiders - (5-5)

Previous Rank: 8

Next Week: vs. Dallas Cowboys

Something is very amiss with the Raiders right now. They continue to fall down the power rankings. They were once in the top five for weeks on end, now they aren't even in the middle of the road for the AFC. The drama of their wild season may be too much to recover from. The Raiders are 5-5 and have lost three straight games by a big margin of points. Their Thanksgiving game against the Cowboys will do them no favors.

#11 - Denver Broncos - (5-5)

Previous Rank: 10

Next Week: vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Dropping a spot in the power rankings on a bye week doesn't seem too fair, but the Denver Broncos are just going to have to deal with it right now. Other teams deserve their jump. After a much-needed bye week, the Broncos take on division rivals the Los Angeles Chargers. Maybe they can reinvent themselves as a good team again.

#10 - Cleveland Browns - (6-5)

Previous Rank: 11

Next Week: Baltimore Ravens

Although the Cleveland Browns won a game, it was against the Lions, and they still almost lost.

#Browns fans might want to give this a watch before you decide to boo @bakermayfield again:

They will remain near the bottom of the power rankings for now. They have fallen a bit in this week's power rankings as a result of being destroyed by the Patriots and the Bengals, and just scraping past the Lions. The Browns could turn things around but will have a difficult time against the much tougher top half of the AFC.

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Edited by Piyush Bisht
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