NFL Rookie QB watch: Lance tastes victory; Jones shines; Lawrence and Wilson get reality checks

Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots

There is a lot of expectations from rookie quarterbacks going into the 2021 NFL season. Four QBs especially got their first NFL action. Trey Lance, Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson experienced what they worked so hard for on Sunday.

Rookie QBs come into the NFL every season and enjoy varying degrees of success. Some do really well, while others tend to crumble under pressure. On that note, here's a look at how the four aforementioned rookie QBs fared on their NFL debuts.

Which rookie NFL QB had the best game of the day?

Trey Lance - San Francisco 49ers

It would be difficult to argue against the fact that Trey Lance of the San Francisco 49ers had the best day out of all the NFL rookies on Sunday. The 49ers looked in prime form, dominating the field on both sides for most of the game. It wasn't until the fourth quarter that the Detroit Lions began to get things going.

Trey Lance was brought out in running-type situations, often to confuse the Lions defense. The argument for starting Lance over Jimmy Garoppolo should be put to bed, at least for now.

Lance got to see a routing that will come with some great experience and learning for the rookie NFL QB. Jimmy Garoppolo ended the day with 314 yards and one TD. For now, Lance can be happy with the fact that his team is undefeated.

Mac Jones - New England Patriots

In the battle of the 'roll tide' QBs. Mac Jones of the New England Patriots took on his former mentor, Tua Tagovailoa, QB for the Miami Dolphins. It was essentially a battle to see whose defense could hold up better.

The good news is that the New England Patriots should rest easy knowing that their rookie QB played with more poise than most rookies do in their first year starting in the NFL. Jones ended the day with a very respectable 29/39 pass attempts and 281 yards with one TD.

Those are some very respectable numbers, especially against one of the top defensive teams in the Dolphins. Jones showed that Belichick's choice in going with the rookie over veteran Cam Newton was the right one. It will be exciting to see what Jones can do for the rest of the NFL season.

Trevor Lawrence - Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence of the Jacksonville Jaguars is one of two rookies who got a big dose of what it's really like to play at an elite level. The Houston Texans cruised to an easy win over the Jaguars, with 37-21 points in favor of the Texans.

Lawrence got to see high-level action in his three-interception night that was coupled with 332 yards and three TDs. The rookie NFL QB was frazzled by the unrelenting pressure the Texans put on him. Losing is part of the game, and Lawrence will have plenty of films to look at heading into Week 2.

Zach Wilson - New York Jets

The New York Jets saw a deep showing of a revenge game by former QB Sam Darnold. Darnold had a respectable 279 yards with one TD. Wilson followed suit with 258 yards, two TDs and one INT.

The rookie had his hands full with the Carolina Panthers' defense, registering six sacks. Wilson rallied towards the end of the game, but it wasn't enough to secure a win for his team on the night. Wilson will have to find a way to deal with the constant pressure in his face, especially if the Jets' offensive line fails again.

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