NFL Trade Rumors: 3 teams Aaron Rodgers is most likely to play for in the 2021 season

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions
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What uniform will the league’s reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers suit up in this season? It’s the question that is on the minds of many NFL fans, especially Green Bay Packers'

The voluntary opt-out date for the 2021 NFL season has passed, and Rodgers is still available to play this season. But for whom will he turn up for?

There have been no updates or seemingly any progress on the Aaron Rodgers' situation in Green Bay. NFL training camps are set to start at the end of this month, and it's looking increasingly likely the star quarterback will not be in attendance.

On that note, let's look at three NFL teams that Aaron Rodgers could be under center for in 2021.

#1 Green Bay Packers

The Packers' front office has been consistent all off-season that they will not trade their franchise quarterback. CEO Mark Murphy, GM Brian Gutenkurst and head coach Matt LaFleur have all publicly stated their desire for Rodgers to return to Lambeau Field this year.

That doesn’t guarantee that Rodgers will return by training camp or the start of the regular season, though. But that does make the prospect of the 38-year-old playing for another team very difficult.

Without the ability to read Aaron Rodgers´ mind, it's impossible to know what the QB is trying to achieve by holding out. Does he want a new contract with the Packers? Or does he really want to move on and play for a new team? Only time will tell.

#2 Denver Broncos

A few weeks ago, all the rumors coming out were that the Denver Broncos were Aaron Rodgers' preferred destination. The Mile High City was buzzing with news that Rodgers had said 'He wanted to be a Bronco'.

KOA Radio’s Benjamin Allbright announced during an interview with ESPN Cleveland that Rodgers 'wants to be' in Denver and that the Broncos now have '60-40' odds of trading for the unhappy Packers quarterback.

Since the news broke, there have been zero updates and no evidence that this story is indeed true. The Broncos will have to offer the Packers a boatload of first-round draft picks and players to get a trade done.

Denver have a great defense, so the addition of Rodgers would immediately make them a Super Bowl contender in 2021. Can they make Green Bay an offer the latter can’t refuse?

#3 Las Vegas Raiders

The franchise, based in Sin City, could be the wild-card team that eventually gains Aaron Rodgers' services this season. There are a few reasons why the Raiders could acquire the Super Bowl-winning quarterback this off-season.

The first reason is their owner Mark Davis. Davis is the son of Al Davis, the notoriously unpredictable and eccentric owner of the Raiders who once famously said, 'Just win baby'.

The Davis family is well-known for making bold moves; the fact they are now based in Las Vegas and not Oakland is evidence of that. Mark Davis might just be crazy enough to offer the Packers multiple first-round picks and QB Derek Carr in a trade for Aaron Rodgers.

They have a new stadium to fill in the desert, and Rodgers will help them sell it out. Head coach Jon Gruden is a big fan of Rodgers and would surely love to play calls for the three-time league MVP this NFL season.

Keep an eye out for the silver and black team to make a big offer for Aaron Rodgers.

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