NFL Trade Rumors: Is Deshaun Watson asking to be traded to the Falcons?

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans
Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans
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For the past two weeks now, the biggest trade rumors have surrounded Houston Texans' star QB Deshaun Watson. After posting two lyrical tweets from a song featuring rapper Future, a rumor has begun whether Watson wants to be traded to the Atlanta Falcons

Watson tweeted twice regarding the song called "Mo Reala," with one of the lyrics from the song possibly representing how Watson seems to be feeling about the situation between him and the Texans organization.

It is important to note that when the Texans traded receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals, it was reported that Watson was very furious about the trade being made. Considering how Hopkins was essentially all that Watson had in terms of a supporting cast, fans can't blame him for being upset about the move.

In the other tweet, Deshuan Watson described how he felt about the song featuring the rapper. But there could be a hidden meaning to more than just Watson describing his "vibes" for the song, as one of the lyrics states "came out of the 6," an expression that is used by several rappers who originate from Atlanta, Georgia. Watson was born and raised in Georgia before heading to Clemson.

Either way, it is safe to say that Deshaun Watson is certainly tired of the Texans' front office not making the correct moves. This was confirmed by the organization's CEO Cal McNair, who stated he finally texted Deshaun Watson and was clearly frustrated with everything.

NFL Trade Rumors: What is next for star QB Deshaun Watson?

The fact of the matter is Deshaun Watson controls his destiny. With the no-trade clause that was built into the extension that he signed in September of 2020, he can decide where he wants to go if new GM Nick Caserio can find a decent trade package in exchange for the star QB.

If Watson wants to head to the Falcons, they will certainly have to work around what is currently a -$32 million cap space which the team has. Falcons QB Matt Ryan could be traded or released in the off season, as it was rumored that the Falcons were shopping him before the trade deadline.

Wherever he goes, Deshaun Watson will still be a star. Considering how he performed in the 2020 season, it only shows what he could do if he had a better supporting cast around him. The Texans should completely start from scratch after firing both their HC, GM, and getting rid of their star receiver earlier in 2020. Trading Deshaun Watson would give both him and the team a fresh start, something that is much needed for the Texans who went 4-12.

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