NFL 2018: Week 10 - Preview

Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Chiefs
Manraj Deol

Potential Game Of The Week - Arizona Cardinals vs Kansas City Chiefs

Now you might be asking - why the Kansas City Chiefs vs Arizona Cardinals is the game of the week? It has nothing to do with the Cardinals. The game is all about the Chiefs. The most exciting team to watch in the NFL might be able to do something Pittsburgh Steelers couldn't do this week.

Honestly, the Kansas City Chiefs offence should be able to decimate the Arizona Cardinals defence this week. How many points can the offence score for the Chiefs? I will take a guess; they can get 60 points. You heard me right, if the Pittsburgh Steelers can get fifty-two against the Carolina Panthers, then 60 should not be hard for the Chiefs.

Led by early MVP favourite Patrick Mahomes should be able to run for a touchdown, Kareem Hunt should be able to get a couple as well. Let us also add Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Travis Kelce and many others who potentially could get some scores. The defence might of the Chiefs allow a touchdown or two, but the Chiefs defence could score one at least against the Cardinals offence.

Arizona Cardinals have been struggling all over the field. Josh Rosen has not looked much better than Sam Bradford did, but you have to field your future even through the pain that it is causing. Christian Kirk the rookie receiver has looked decent since Rosen has taken over the quarterback duties. Davis Johnson has never looked the same since coming back from his injury. Though he could be better on another team than the Cardinals.

This game might be fun to watch for all football fans to see the best offence since the greatest show on turf, the St Louis Rams.

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Edited by Ram Kumar
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