Where does Drew Brees rank among the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time?

After being considered an underdog early in his career, Drew Brees has become a certain Hall of Famer
After being considered an underdog early in his career, Drew Brees has become a certain Hall of Famer

In terms of the "Mt. Rushmore" of quarterbacks, Drew Brees is often overlooked.

And there a handful of reasons for that. The diminutive play-caller was drafted in the second round out of Purdue, and given little chance to be an elite QB in the NFL. Standing (maybe) six feet tall, he was considered too small with not a big enough arm to hang with the big boys in the NFL.

Twenty years later? Drew Brees stands tall among the greatest to ever play the position.

As the league's all-time leader in passing yards and the owner of a Super Bowl ring, Brees has become a legend in his own time. He's the best player in New Orleans Saints' history. He's conquered the mountain in terms of what any franchise player could ever hope to be.

So why isn't Drew Brees among one of the first names mentioned in terms of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game?


Drew Brees vs Tom Brady: Who's better?

Brees is not only statistically in the argument, he's also gotten better with time.

After five years with the Chargers, he matured in to one of the league's best signal-callers during his tenure in New Orleans. Brees became a team leader, and spent over a decade as one of the guys who has been shattering the stat board in the NFL.

On Sunday, Brees will face off against the QB that many people consider the greatest of all time, in Tom Brady. The Saints (5-2) will travel to Tampa Bay (6-2) in a battle of NFC South rivals.

And while Brady has a fistful of Super Bowl rings, he doesn't measure up to Brees in terms of overall numbers. Brees is the all-time leader in passing yards, and the two of them have been going back-and-forth in terms of the most touchdowns in history.

Both veterans will be playing for first place in their division and jockeying for a prime playoff position. And no matter the outcome, both men have been assured their place in Canton someday.

In terms of "greatness," we will be seeing two of the best go at it -- once again -- on Sunday night, perhaps for one of the last times. And while Drew Brees often goes unmentioned in the same terms as Tom Brady, Joe Montana, or Peyton Manning, It's another opportunity to stake his claim as being in the same conversation.

Given his stature and the fact that he wasn't a highly-acclaimed draft pick, it's safe to say that Drew Brees has defied the odds... even if he isn't always the first name that comes up in terms of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

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