Police detective working on Deshaun Watson case testifies Browns QB committed criminal indecent assault, sexual assault and prostitution

Houston PD detective claims Deshaun Watson is guilty.
Houston PD detective claims Deshaun Watson is guilty.
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A police detective investigating 10 sexual assault allegations against Deshaun Watson testified in a pretrial deposition that she believed the Cleveland Browns quarterback did indeed commit the crimes he was accused of. The transcript of the deposition was obtained by USAToday.

Police detective testified this week she believed Deshaun Watson committed crimes…

Houston Police Department detective Kamesha Baker, who is part of the Adult Sex Crimes Unit of the Special Victims Division, believes the former Houston Texans star was guilty of criminal indecent assault, sexual assault, and prostitution.

Houston PD detective claims Deshaun Watson should have been indicted by the Harris County jury

Per USAToday's report, Kamesha Baker spoke with the District Attorney's Office to share her opinion on the case based on her investigation. Detective Baker wasn't called to testify before the Harris County grand jury, who ruled in Watson's favor.

During the deposition, Detective Baker was asked whether she felt confident that she had the evidence needed to pursue the charges. She replied yes before being asked if there was any doubt in her mind that a crime had occurred. To which she replied no.

Attorney Tony Buzbee, who represented the women who filed a case against Watson in Harris County, asked Detective Baker:

“Was there any disagreement amongst your team or the police that a crime had occurred?”

She replied no. The detective also claimed that Deshaun Watson sometimes paid the women to have sexual contact with him, which would constitute prostitution - an illegal act in Texas. When Buzbee asked if she had reported her findings to the District Attorney, Detective Baker replied:

“Yes, but we would charge both of them [Watson and the woman he paid]. Because, I mean, I don't – I'm – honestly when I'm working a case, it's about if the crime was committed. Right. So they would have both been charged.”

Detective Baker's findings ultimately proved to be futile as the Harris County grand jury did not indict Watson on criminal charges. With prison time no longer a looming threat, multiple teams aggressively persuaded the quarterback.

Watson initially ruled the Browns out of the running for his services but reconsidered and decided to waive his no-trade clause and join the franchise. He then signed a fully-guaranteed $230 million contract, the largest of its kind in NFL history.

"If it wasn't them, it was going to be another team" - Stephen A. Smith clears Browns for signing Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson is currently facing 24 civil lawsuits and will likely be suspended for most, if not all, of the 2022 NFL season. But the quarterback won't lose any money as his contract with the Browns remains fully guaranteed even if he doesn't play in 2022.

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