NFL: Who has the highest jersey sales on Fanatics?

Las Vegas Raiders DE Carl Nassib
Las Vegas Raiders DE Carl Nassib

A day after coming out as the first active, openly gay NFL athlete, Carl Nassib registered the top jersey sale on Fanatics.

ESPN's Adam Schefter broke the news about Carl Nassib having the top-selling jersey on his Twitter account. The interesting thing about Carl Nassib's jersey is that it comes with Fanatics Jersey Assurance.

The Fanatic Jersey Assurance includes the following:

  • A FREE replacement jersey, if the active pro player you purchased switches teams within 90 days of purchase
  • Fast, FREE, friendly claim and replacement process
  • Claims need to be filed within 14 days of the qualifying event

If Carl Nassib joins another NFL team and Raiders fans purchased his jersey, they can send their jersey back and receive a new one for free. The chances of Las Vegas releasing Nassib are slim, but nothing is guaranteed in the NFL.

Carl Nassib has two jerseys on the Fanatic website; both are black and silver Raiders jerseys. There's a women's and men's jersey style, and the price tag reads $119.99 per jersey.

When Carl Nassib came out as openly gay, the NFL knew that his announcement would bring a lot of attention. The majority of the attention has been extremely positive, which is why it's not hard to believe he has the highest-selling NFL jersey on Fanatics.

What is the NFL world saying about Carl Nassib coming out?

Las Vegas Raiders DE Carl Nassib
Las Vegas Raiders DE Carl Nassib

The number of jerseys that have been sold hasn't been released to the media, but it has to be a high number, considering the reaction from both fans and the NFL. It's incredible to see so many individuals standing behind Nassib and his tough decision. NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon posted this on his Twitter account about Nassib's decision.

"Really proud of Carl Nassib. The first active football player to ever do so. I played with several guys who never were comfortable enough to go public. They were great teammates, and obviously very talented. As long as they helped us win and were great teammates - their sexual preference was never an issue. We live in a different time now where diversity is much more accepted. Cheers Carl, and I hope this lets other athletes know, it's okay to say who you are."

Having an NFL Hall of Fame quarterback come out and congratulate Nassib on his decision is remarkable. We could potentially see more NFL athletes come out about being gay, and that's okay. Like Warren Moon said, "it's okay to say who you are."

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