Rams GM Les Snead's t-shirt choice at Super Bowl parade is going viral

Rams GM Les Snead's t-shirt choice at Super Bowl parade has caused a stir
Rams GM Les Snead's t-shirt choice at Super Bowl parade has caused a stir
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Los Angeles Rams general manager Les Snead came under fire back in March of 2021 when he traded starting quarterback Jared Goff, a 2021 3rd round pick, 2022 1st round pick and 2023 1st round pick to the Detroit Lions for veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford.

After giving up a lot of their top draft capital for a then-shaky quarterback, Les Snead continued to rid himself of draft picks. Snead traded his second and third-round picks for 2022 to the Denver Broncos for Von Miller. That left the Rams with three picks: one in the 5th round and two in the 7th round, along with four compensatory picks.

Fans have not let him live down the fact that he traded away the team's future for two players seemingly past their prime. However, Stafford and Miller did lead the Rams to a Super Bowl win, which by many accounts is the ultimate goal in the NFL.

This is probably why it did not seem to faze Snead in the slightest as the team achieved Super Bowl glory, though, he did poke fun at himself for giving away all his picks.

#Rams GM Les Snead showed up to today's Super Bowl parade wearing a 'F*** them picks' t-shirt. Legend.(📸 @KaraHenderson)
"F*** them picks!"

That was Les Snead's tagline on Wednesday during the Rams' Super Bowl victory parade. He has shown no remorse for losing most of his draft picks over the next two seasons. Snead's stated during his speech that the Rams will use the pieces they acquired to "win more Super Bowls," referring to Matthew Stafford and Von Miller, who is a pending free agent.

NFL fans don't buy Rams' Les Snead's "F*** them picks" statement

Los Angeles Rams v Chicago Bears
Los Angeles Rams v Chicago Bears

While Les Snead and the Rams believe they are better off without most of their draft picks for the future, many fans feel the opposite.

One Twitter user, CardsCanyon, made a valid point about the age of some of the Rams' key players like Stafford and Miller.

@NFL_DovKleiman Wait until the players get old and then what ?

@JayBrainard took to using a meme to illustrate the fact that, in this case, the Rams' top players aren't going to get any younger. The team might find themselves in a tough situation if they don't also keep the franchise trending towards youth in the coming seasons.

Some fans, like metfan722, still believe LA won't face any repercussions from limited draft picks, alluding to the fact that the team just won a Super Bowl.

@KlutchKyler @MySportsUpdate @KaraHenderson I'm sorry who just won the Super Bowl? And beat the Cardinals to get there in the Wild Card round?

While SaintsBetta has painted a pretty bleak future as Aaron Donald and Sean McVay are both slated to retire, with Miller and OBJ set to test out free agency.

@MySportsUpdate @KaraHenderson Donald retiring. Mcvay retiring. Von Miller and OBJ gone in FA. No picks for 3 years and no cap space. 4-13 incoming

The next couple of draft classes are stacked full of some top talent that could have helped the Rams make a run at being a dynasty. However. LA will sadly not have the chance to enjoy that talent as omz007 pointed out:

@MySportsUpdate @KaraHenderson Enjoy the joke now cause the next few years will be the most boring drafts you’ve ever had. Watching everyone else get great players while having old and older players. Time to find Undrafted Gems 💎.

One fan by the name of TheDr14333017 called out a major flaw in the team's future, highlighting the fact that there is no cap space for the Rams to work with, as the team is $17 million over the cap already:

@MySportsUpdate @KaraHenderson Bro is gonna regret this in a few months when the Lambs are penniless with NO draft picks or cap space 😹😹😹

Others like @Carsonlphs congradulated the team for just being able to win a Super Bowl, which is the main goal of all NFL teams at the end of the day.

@MySportsUpdate @KaraHenderson Y’all ignoring the fact a super bowl victory is the goal. Even if they went 0-17 for the next 5 years, it was worth it

As an added bonus, here is where you can buy this iconic t-shirt:

The chances of LA repeating are slim and their odds of creating a dynasty are sure to go out the window. Although nobody can take this Super Bowl win away from them, it will be interesting to see how Les Snead and the LA Rams navigate life after a championship.

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