NFL Rumors: Alvin Kamara unlikely to face punishment for brutal brawl in Las Vegas

Alvin Kamara unlikely to face punishment for brutal brawl in Las Vegas
Alvin Kamara unlikely to face punishment for brutal brawl in Las Vegas
Alvin Kamara at the NFL Pro Bowl
Alvin Kamara at the NFL Pro Bowl

New Orleans Saints star Alvin Kamara looks likely to escape punishment for his arrest following last season's Pro Bowl. NFL insiders have speculated that the running back was looking at a six-game suspension.

However, according to Adam Schefter, that is now unlikely to be the case. Independent NFL journalist Dov Kleiman posted a tweet which referenced Schefter's feedback in regards to the Kamara situation, saying:

"It looks "more and more unlikely" that #Saints RB Alvin Kamara will be disciplined this season, according to @AdamSchefter"

Kamara was arrested immediately after last year's Pro Bowl on suspicion of felony battery. The NFL was aware of his alleged crimes prior, but still allowed the backfield star to take part in the game.


As details of the allegations began to emerge, the majority of the NFL community assumed that a suspension was a slam-dunk certainty. However, as his legal case has dragged on, rumors have started circulating that he could dodge punishment.

Last month, New Orleans Saints beat writer Nick Underhill appeared on the Establish the Run podcast and shared the following insight:

"I have questions, you know, so let's just assume he plays all season. I have no idea how this one is gonna turn out either, some people think that it's going to happen, some people don't. It's kind of like stalled in the court process."

Underhill continued:

"There's a lot of wonderment, if like a video were to come out of this, like a video certainly exists somewhere. It hasn't come out yet, so it doesn't seem like it's gonna leak. But if it does and people kinda see, that changes the perception of it. Does the league have to act quicker? There are just too many contingencies here."

If the running back were to escape NFL disciplinary action over a matter as serious as this, it would be a very unusual occurrence.

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What is New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara accused of?

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles
New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles

According to NFL experts, Alvin Kamara has been one of the main beneficiaries of the Deshaun Watson case. The Watson saga has drawn the focus of the NFL community for most of the offseason, which has allowed the running back's legal troubles to fly under the radar.


However, the details that have been made public about his arrest do not make for pleasant reading. Police allegedly have video footage of a group of people, including Kamara, attacking the victim and knocking him unconscious.

The New Orleans Saints star has already admitted to throwing the first punch. The alteration left the victim with multiple injuries, including a fractured eye socket. Despite the vicious nature of the attack, it seems that the NFL has deemed it worthy of no further action

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