NFL Rumors: Packers will make one big exception in Aaron Rodgers trade

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers seems likely to be at the center of many NFL rumors during the 2023 NFL offseason, just like he was last year.

Many rumors circled during the 2022 offseason suggesting that Rodgers could potentially be seeking to join a new team. This followed stories of him being unhappy with the way the Green Bay Packers front office has done business, including their construction of the roster.

The same rumors are already beginning to swirl again now that the 2022 regular season has concluded and the Packers have officially begun their 2023 offseason. It's unclear if Aaron Rodgers desires to return to Green Bay for another season, or if the team even wants him back. The two sides have remained extremely vague about Rodgers' potential future.

Adding fuel to the idea that Aaron Rodgers could potentially play for a new team during the 2023 NFL season is a recent rumor. Allegedly, the Packers are willing to explore potential trade packages for their superstar quarterback, but only with AFC teams. If they were to trade him, they would want to keep him out of their NFC conference, likely for competitive reasons.

Update: The #Packers will not be trading Aaron Rodgers within the NFC Conference.They "will explore" the idea of trading the QB exclusively to the AFC, per @AdamSchefter

It appears Rodgers' future is going to be a complicated topic during the 2023 NFL offseason. His contract also had a major impact on him potentially being traded.

He signed a three-year contract extension during the 2022 offseason worth more than $150 million. His $50 million in AAV is the richest contract in American sports history. Apparently, his trade destinations will not only be limited to AFC teams, but to ones that have a massive amount of salary cap space remaining.

Aaron Rodgers fuels NFL rumors that his career with the Green Bay Packers is over

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers made an interesting exit from his final game of the 2022 NFL season. His Green Bay Packers were defeated by the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field, ending their season short of the NFL Playoffs.

He slowly walked off the field with long-time friend and teammate Randall Cobb. He appeared to be taking in the crowd and the entire experience, while reflecting on his time there.

Aaron Rodgers further fuelled rumors of it being his last game as a Packer with his response to Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams, when the latter suggested swapping jerseys:

"I'm gonna hold on to this one."


Rodgers also made several comments during the offseason that suggested that he's considering other teams in 2023. For example, he stated that he can still be an NFL MVP "in the right situation."


It's unclear what he meant by that statement. He could simply be saying that he believes the Packers need to improve their offensive roster for him to thrive again, or that he thinks he could perform better on a new team in 2023.

Rodgers was the NFL MVP for both of the last two seasons prior to the current one. He will likely be looking for his third in four years in 2023, but the team he will be representing is yet to be determined.

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