NFL Trade Rumors: QB Sam Darnold needs to get away from the New York Jets

New York Jets v Kansas City Chiefs
New York Jets v Kansas City Chiefs

The New York Jets drafted Sam Darnold with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Since drafting Darnold, the Jets have not gotten much out of the young and talented quarterback. The team is 0-8 this season, the only remaining winless team in the league.

The New York Jets fan base blames Darnold for the team's struggles, but is he really the one to blame?

The New York Jets have failed to get Darnold enough talent at wide receiver. The Jets went out and signed running back Le'Veon Bell last year hoping that he would give help to their young quarterback. New York released Bell a few weeks ago, and now it is all up to Sam Darnold again.

NFL Trade Rumors: The New York Jets are to blame, not Sam Darnold

The New York Jets have failed to get Sam Darnold a great group of wideouts to throw the football to. The best wide receiver that the Jets have equipped Darnold with is Robby Anderson.

New York gave Darnold two veteran wide receivers that were past their primes in Jamison Crowder and Demaryius Thomas, who were not the answer to the New York Jets struggles at wide receiver.

The New York Jets have not done their job on getting the right talent for their quarterback. If the Jets felt that Sam Darnold was their future at quarterback, they would have went to Darnold and asked who he would like to have at wide receiver. New York would have had a list of receivers that they can try to acquire.

This is why the New York Jets fan base needs to start blaming management and not the young quarterback. The Jets have also failed to get Sam Darnold an elite coach. Their current coach, Adam Gase, is already on the hot seat in just his second year with the team.

This has placed the weight of the franchise on Sam Darnold's shoulders, with no real help in sight.

NFL Trade Rumors: Which team would be the best fit for Sam Darnold?

Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons will most likely only have 35-year-old QB Matt Ryan for another one to two years. Sam Darnold would be a great addition to their team and would have time to do something he has not been able to do yet. He would be able to sit back and learn from an established quarterback. Ryan would welcome Darnold with open arms knowing that Sam is not there to take his job immediately.

The Atlanta Falcons also have an offensive line that does not need to be rebuilt and has done a good job protecting Matt Ryan over the years. The Falcons also have a great wide receiving group that can make plays on their own. Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Russell Gage have proven to be a trio to be reckoned with this season.

It makes sense for Atlanta to possibly pursue Sam Darnold either now or before the NFL Draft. Also, the Falcons are starting to win football games so getting a top-tier quarterback in next year's draft is starting to look unlikely. This is why we could see Atlanta trade for Darnold this offseason.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are in the same position as the Atlanta Falcons. They have a veteran quarterback that is on his way out the door for retirement soon. Philip Rivers has probably one more year in him after this season. The Colts most likely won't make any deals for Sam Darnold with the New York Jets before the trade deadline.

The Colts are another team that could potentially pursue Darnold this offseason. This will also give Darnold the opportunity to sit a year and learn from a veteran who has already established himself as a winner in the NFL. The Colts would be a good fit for Darnold because one thing is certain the Colts know how to get offensive linemen to protect their quarterbacks.

Indianapolis also have a good young core group of talent on their offense. The wide receivers are young and rookie running back Jonathan Taylor has already proved to be an asset to the offense. Darnold would step into a role as the back up to Rivers. He would learn then walk into a situation as a contender.

Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are about to throw in the towel on QB Kirk Cousins. Cousins hasn't lived up to the contract that he received from Minnesota. Before this season the Minnesota Vikings had a very talented offense and Cousins couldn't lead them to the Super Bowl.

This would be an interesting trade for the New York Jets because they could potentially trade Sam Darnold and a pick for Cousins. This would give the Minnesota Vikings an extra draft pick to help Darnold. The chances of this trade happening by the end of the Nov. 3 deadline is slim to none, but it is definitely something to think about.

The difficult part of this trade is that Sam Darnold will not get that year to sit out and learn about the NFL. He would have to go into Minnesota and be the starter right away for the Vikings. The difference between starting for the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Jets is that your offense is significantly more talented. Darnold and a pick to the Vikings for Cousins doesn't sound too bad.

NFL Trade Rumors: Darnold needs to leave the New York Jets

One way or another, Sam Darnold needs to find a new home. If the New York Jets continue to beat on this kid he will lose out on a great opportunity. The Jets franchise is a mess and Darnold has great potential. They are wasting his talent and possibly his career.

Sam Darnold should walk into the front office of the New York Jets and ask to be traded.

This is a risk for Darnold, but it is a risk that he needs to take to save his career. One thing is for certain if he stays in New York, he will be replaced by a rookie quarterback drafted in next year's draft. It's looking like the Jets will land a top-two pick, and will likely aim for Clemson's Trevor Lawrence or Ohio State's Justin Fields.

Then soon after that, Sam Darnold will be the forgotten starter of the New York Jets.

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