NFL Trade Rumors: $50,000,000 RB Derrick Henry linked to AFC Super Bowl contenders ahead of trade deadline

Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns
$50,000,000 RB Derrick Henry linked to AFC Super Bowl contenders ahead of trade deadline

Derrick Henry is widely considered to be one of the most dominant running backs in the NFL, but the Tennessee Titans don't look capable of providing him with the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl anytime soon.

Stuck in a rut, rumors have emerged that the Titans, who are 2-4 and bottom of a weak AFC South, might be willing to trade Henry and his $50 million contract, with a fellow AFC traveler one of the favorites to get him. Just like the AFC South, the AFC North is tight. But that has more to do with the strengths of each team rather than the weaknesses.

The Cincinnati Bengals have Joe Burrow playing better as his calf injury recedes and have been to the AFC Championship and Super Bowl in consecutive seasons. The Cleveland Browns just defeated the San Francisco 49ers, widely considered the best team in the league. And if anybody is counting out the Pittsburgh Steelers, they have not kept an eye on Mike Tomlin's career.

Therefore, it is up to the Baltimore Ravens to keep up with them. Lamar Jackson has been signed to a new contract and the acquisition of Odell Beckham Jr. was supposed to revive the receiving game. But that has yet to happen and another running threat might do them a world of good.

Gus Edwards and Justice Hill are currently sharing the backfield after J.K. Dobbin's injury, but their output is nowhere near Derrick Henry's. Edwards is averaging 47 yards per game this season, while Hill picks up 30 yards per game. The Titans stalwart, meanwhile, is averaging above 70 yards a game in a season when his team is struggling.

The Ravens have Super Bowl aspirations and need an additional threat in the run game. Derrick Henry would arguably be ideal for that and BR Analyst Alex Kay put together a hypothetical trade package that would send Henry to the Ravens. According to Kay, such a deal could see the Titans receive Devin Duvernay, and future draft picks in exchange for the running back.

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Why trading Derrick Henry makes sense for Titans future

As good as Derrick Henry might be, why should the Titans let such a great rusher leave? The simple answer is they might get future draft picks. It has become clear that Ryan Tannehill is not the answer and should be gone by the end of the season. If they fall further, coach Mike Vrabel might want to try out Malik Willis and Will Levis to see if they can take the reins.

They can then rebuild a roster with a new quarterback, either from the draft or current backups, and young players around him who can all grow together and challenge in the future. Trading Derrick Henry might be a win-win for both.

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