NFL Trade Rumors: Steelers eyeing former Super Bowl winner as replacement for Ben Roethlisberger

Philadelphia Eagles v San Francisco 49ers
Philadelphia Eagles v San Francisco 49ers
Ian Van Roy

Ben Roethlisberger has played his final game with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The last couple of months have been a time to celebrate the era that was. However, the team is now moving on and prepping for what will be. The options are limitless, but one candidate could be emerging as the frontrunner.

According to Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports' Cody Benjamin says the Steelers could be making a move for a former breakout star who played for the other NFL franchise in the same state. Former Philadelphia Eagles and current Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz could be wearing black and yellow next season.

What the Pittsburgh Steelers see in Carson Wentz

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars

The quarterback is coming off a 9-8 season that saw him start 1-4 and rise to nearly make it to the playoffs. Heading into Week 18, it seemed the final game against the moribund Jacksonville Jaguars was a rubber stamp. Instead, the team collapsed, ending their season short of reaching the Promised Land.

Thanks to the loss, the team is thinking about making a move away from the quarterback. However, the Steelers may see something in Wentz. Of course, he started 1-4, had injury issues (although never missing time), and collapsed against one of the weakest teams in football, but it wasn't all bad.

For the Eagles: they now own the 16th pick in the NFL Draft. For the Colts: Carson Wentz might be one-and-done in Indy.…

Last season, the quarterback threw for 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions, completing 62.4 percent of his passes. Although the start and end of the season isn't worth remembering, the middle is. The team went 8-2 between Week 5 and Week 16. Of course, the team lost their final two games, but there was enough of a run to prove something.

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Eagles fleecing the Colts in the Carson Wentz trade.

The first five weeks could be forgiven as Wentz was hurt and, above all, he was still getting comfortable with the offense. However, once he got comfortable physically and mentally, the team took off like a rocket. Of course, the eventual collapse at the end of the season wasn't great, but next season, the quarterback won't start 1-4 as he'll be healthy and much more comfortable with his surrounding players.


But for the Steelers, who lost Ben Roethlisberger and are staring down the barrel of quarterback purgatory, a 9-8 season with a late-season collapse looks pretty good. If they are willing to let him bridge the team over the next two years, they could take their time in the Draft and also avoid taking a big step down despite losing their franchise quarterback.

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