Should the Raiders go all out in pursuit of Odell Beckham Jr. in free agency?

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
Matt Galea

Odell Beckham Jr. has a Super Bowl ring but no team to play for heading into the 2022 NFL season. However, that is not because he does not have enough suitors; instead, Beckham is trying the team that best fits his needs. Rumors have him resigning with the Los Angeles Rams or joining Jarvis Landry and Michael Thomas with the New Orleans Saints. There is one rumor, however, that when you look closely makes a lot of sense: the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Las Vegas Raiders would be a great place for Odell Beckham Jr.OBJ spends lots of time in Vegas and Josh McDaniel has always wanted to work with him when with the Patriots.#RaiderNation Davante Adams when with the Packers tried to recruit him previously.

Beckham has always been a larger-than-life figure. Whether it's his hair color, problems with Baker Mayfield or highlight reel catches, he seems to find a way into the headlines. But when he is focused and healthy, there is no doubt that he is still one of the top wide receivers in the NFL today. His pairing with Cooper Kupp in the latter part of the 2021 season and into the playoffs helped propel the Rams to the championship. Beckham, also, proved his worth in the red zone for the Rams, giving them exactly what opposing teams didn't want to see - more options for Matthew Stafford.

But there is something about his overall play and attitude that screams out "Raiders."

Matthew Stafford & Odell Beckham 17-yard TD🔹 Air Distance: 34.8 yards🔹 Target Separation: 0.7 yards (Tight Window ✅)🔹 Completion Probability: 29.2%» Beckham has caught +24.5% of his red zone targets over expected since joining the Rams in Week 10#SBLVI | #RamsHouse

Odell Beckham Jr and Davante Adams could provide the perfect 1-2 punch

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers

When the Raiders made the big move to trade for Davante Adams, the thought was that they were done adding to their offense. Adams and quarterback Derek Carr have been long-time friends and former college teammates. Adding him to a receiving corps that already features Hunter Renfrow and tight end Darren Waller would make the Raiders offense one opposing teams' would be scared of.

Now imagine what happens if you add Odell Beckham Jr. to that lineup. Beckham could do for Adams exactly what he did for Kupp - open up the field for him and make it impossible to double team him.

Think, too, about how the Raiders would be stopped in the red zone. Last season with the Green Bay Packers, Adams saw 31 redzone targets, Renfrow saw 25, and Waller 15. Adding someone with the hands and physical balance of Beckham to this group would be an embarrassment of riches for Josh McDaniels to plan around.


For Beckham, going to Las Vegas gives him the opportunity to continue spotlighting his own brand and making "Sin City" his own. Devante Adams has been one of the best players in football, but he has never been a player looking for the spotlight. Playing alongside Beckham would allow him to be the receiver he is and allow Beckham to soak up all Las Vegas has to offer.


You could make the argument that the AFC conference has never seen this much talent. In fact, most of that talent resides in the AFC West. If the Raiders plan on making it out of a division that features the current best football players on the planet in Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, superstar quarterback Justin Herbert and his retooled Los Angeles Chargers defense and the Russell Wilson-led Denver Broncos, they are going to need all the reinforcements they can get. Adding one of the most talented wideouts to an already talented group could do just that.

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