Skip Bayless still not a fan of Aaron Rodgers despite game-winning clutch drive vs 49ers in Week 3

Aaron Rodgers led the Packers in a superb final drive to set up a field goal to beat the 49ers
Aaron Rodgers led the Packers in a superb final drive to set up a field goal to beat the 49ers

Undisputed’s Skip Bayless was still left unimpressed with Aaron Rodgers’ game winning drive that set up a Mason Crosby field goal to win against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football.

Despite many claiming it was a superb final drive from the reigning NFL MVP, Bayless made a point on his Fox Sports show Undisputed with Shannon Sharpe to disagree.

Bayless said Jimmy Garoppolo left too much time on the clock when scoring the go-ahead touchdown with 37 seconds left. He also had some choice words for the 49ers in their defensive play-calling on the final drive.

Bayless then took to Rodgers’ efforts in NFC Championship games in which he only has one win and four losses. However, it is hard to overlook Rodgers and his productivity in this game. He went 23/33 for 261 yards and two touchdowns in the 30-28 win.

The Packers now find themselves top of the NFC North standings after the win, but some still feel the Packers and Rodgers are not the Super Bowl team they aspire to be. After what can only be described as a horrific week one loss to the New Orleans Saints, the Packers then played what some called an “easy kill” game against the Detroit Lions.

Did 49ers' defensive play-calling questionable on final drive help Rodgers

Even with the win over the 49ers, Bayless still feels that San Francisco lost it more than Green Bay won it and in particular with the defensive schemes used in the final drive by Kyle Shanahan.

Davante Adams had a whopping 18 targets from Rodgers, catching 12 of them for 132 yards and a touchdown, two of which came on that final drive. Bayless stated that the 49ers should have doubled and triple-teamed Adams and forced Rodgers to beat them with lesser-known receivers.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling had the second-most targets with four, so surely defensive coordinators knew where Rodgers wanted to go with the ball.

Adams’ two catches put the Packers in field goal range for Mason Crosby and the veteran's kick split the uprights as Green Bay notched their second win of the season.

While the jury is still out on the Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl chances, winning games is one way to silence the critics and, as it stands, after seemingly being in disarray just weeks ago, the Packers are top of the NFC North and are in control of the division.

Up next for Rodgers and the Packers are Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers, who have mountains of problems as of late. Rodgers and the Packers will be the favorites to extend their winning streak come next Sunday.

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