The LA Rams are all in on Sean McVay

New York Jets v Los Angeles Rams
New York Jets v Los Angeles Rams

Sean McVay is the 35-year-old coaching wunderkind for the LA Rams who just got a number one overall pick thrown out the building.

Not many coaches in the NFL can even survive a shaky relationship with their starting QB but coach McVay ended the season consistently calling out his starter Jared Goff, benched him for an undrafted former AAF quarterback in John Wolford, and barring injury, was going to ride off into the playoff's with Wolford as a starter over Goff. Most coaches would've lost their jobs and the team would've tried to save the QB with a new hire (see; Philadelphia Eagles) but the LA Rams backed their coach and sent out a small fortune to rid themselves of Goff and upgrade at QB.

Stan Kroenke's LA Rams

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams

As an Arsenal fan I am not much in favor of Stan Kroenke because I always believed he was a care free owner who saw owning a team as a business decision and not a passion, but seeing how he puts up for the Rams has changed my entire perspective. Kroenke believes he has a great coach and is doing all he can to appease him. Record breaking extensions, bringing in experienced individuals to help his young coach out, trading 1st rounders for players and not complaining when those guys are moved off from a season after. Kroenke cares about the LA Rams and his head coach's happiness. Across the pond Mikel Arteta desperately needed Aouar and that transfer never happened. For McVay though, Goff was extended when he was still a question mark because his coach believed in him, but now that has fizzled out and he has been moved without complaints from Kroenke. Kroenke has so much love for the LA Rams/McVay that if Stafford wanted an extension and McVay gives the green light, the extension will happen no questions asked.

Stan Kroenke and the LA Rams are trying to break through in a very crowded market. The Los Angeles market is spoiled for choice when it comes to sports teams e.g Lakers/Clippers/Kings and many more. In McVay, Kroenke has what seems to be a guaranteed playoff trip every year.

Going into next season, the LA Rams have a new starting QB, a new defensive coordinator, a new offensive coordinator and many other changes to the field and backroom staff but all these changes seem irrelevant because the main piece is still here, and as long as he stays, the Rams will always be competitive.

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