Why did Tim Tebow leave the NFL?

Tim Tebow with the New York Jets
Tim Tebow with the New York Jets

What happened to Tim Tebow? Why did he leave the NFL? Is he still playing baseball?

Plenty of questions surround the career of one of the most accomplished college football quarterbacks in history, who became a media sensation in the NFL, then quietly left the NFL before resurfacing as a baseball prospect in the New York Mets' system.

How 'Tebowmania' began

Tim Tebow was off to a sizzling start, collecting trophies and awards during his college years at the University of Florida.

In 2007, Tim Tebow won all three of the most prestigious college football awards, the Heisman Trophy -- Tim Tebow capped a fantastic season by becoming the first sophomore in NCAA history to win it -- along with the Maxwell Award and the Davey O'Brien Award.

"Tebowmania" got its beginnings on the college level, and peaked during his NFL career.

Tebow's Spiral

Tebow's potential was unprecedented, and his downward spiral was inexplicable. With better coaching and training, he could have been an impressive quarterback in the pros.

Unfortunately, Tebow was never able to advance into a conventional player. He impressed his coaches because he was strong and a great runner. His coaches allowed him to run without developing any other skills.

Incidentally, he improved in what he was good at (running) and became weaker at what he wasn't (passing). Tebow's throwing style was clumsy at best, which caused inaccurate passes. Tebow's stance, footwork, throwing, delivery, and follow-through were awkward and needed work. It bears the question, how did he make it as far as he did?

Tebow's coaches passed him along to the next group of coaches when they finished utilizing his abilities. They continued to ignore his deficiencies and profited from his natural talents.

Tebow in the NFL

At 6'3" and 230 pounds, Tebow battered his way through his college career. With all the hype that surrounded Tebow, it wasn't a surprise that he made it into the NFL.

But the question remained; could he translate that same energy at a professional level? Could he be successful?

In 2010, Tebow was a first-round draft pick, 25th overall, for the Denver Broncos. By 2011, in Week 7, Tebow was named starting QB. Tebow led the team on an eight-game winning streak before losing to the Patriots in the playoffs

When the Broncos came back to face the New England Patriots, the coach informed Tebow not to run outside or inside, pushing him to be a pocket passer. Unable to run the ball, the Broncos' offense was stifled, which led to losing the first playoff game they had qualified for since 2009.

Another letdown for Tebow

Despite doing well for the Denver Broncos, Tebow got traded to the New York Jets. Rex Ryan, the Jets coach, decided to utilize Tebow's running abilities by making him a Wildcat quarterback, where the coach expected Tebow just to run the ball.

Once again, another coach let Tebow down, clearly not using his abilities the way he was supposed to, merely because he didn't see him as a real quarterback. He was let go after one season, ruining his chances at an NFL career.

With a valiant effort, Tebow got signed with the Patriots and later the Eagles. However, he didn't play a regular season game for either team.

What is Tebow doing now?

Tim Tebow is currently contracted to play professional baseball with the New York Mets. This past season, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, minor league baseball as a whole was put on the shelf.

When he's not playing baseball, Tebow has worked as a college football TV analyst.

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