Ranking the top 5 Tobin Rote performances

Tobin Rote Slings a Pass Downfield
Tobin Rote Slings a Pass Downfield
Matthew Aceto

Tobin Rote, a player so often overlooked in the vast history of the NFL, was once a force to be reckoned with at quarterback. For 13 years between 1950 and 1966, Tobin Rote tore his way through opposing defenses. He amassed 18,850 yards, along with a superb 148 touchdown passes compared to only 191 interceptions, leading his teams to a record of 48 wins, 64 losses and 4 ties.

Building a storied career like this comes at the hands of impeccable single-game performances, and you will be graced with the chronicles of Tobin Cornelius Rote's finest days on the field.

His many successful games resulted in the penultimate reward for any professional American football player, an NFL championship. He started his long, illustrious career with the Green Bay Packers in the NFL before moving on to their division rivals, the Detroit Lions. It was with the Lions that Rote would win his big game, cementing his name into history.

Following his stint with the Lions, Rote would take a break from football to enjoy his many other pursuits before returning to football to join the San Diego Chargers. He ended his career with one final stand as a member of the Denver Broncos, but the number of legendary games that he had will never be forgotten.

#5 Tobin Rote man-handles the Los Angeles Rams

October 21st, 1956; Week 4

Stats: 16-31, 279 yards passing, 3 passing TDs, 30 yards rushing, 1 rushing TD

This game was a 42-17 rout by Tobin Rote's Green Bay Packers over the Los Angeles Rams on a cool, autumn day in Milwaukee County Stadium. After starting the game down 7-0, Rote, in all his rage, stepped on the throat of the Rams' defense and never let up. With over 300 total yards and 4 TDs, Rote delivered such a decisive blow to the Rams' organization that they would end up moving to St. Louis almost 39 years later.

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