WATCH: When Russell Wilson dressed up as Seahawks coach Pete Carroll for Halloween

Russell Wilson dressed as Pete Carroll for Halloween
Russell Wilson dressed as Pete Carroll for Halloween

With just a couple of days until Halloween, we look back at when Russell Wilson decided that Pete Carroll would be the right guy to emulate sartorially.

In 2017, Russell Wilson dressed up as his head coach and got everything right, from his mannerisms to speaking style. It is one of the most iconic NFL Halloween moments and one that we never get tired of watching.

Russell Wilson rocks Pete Carroll getup for Halloween

Russell Wilson decided that the right way to roll up at a children's hospital is as a guy who he looks up to. He decided to put on a wig to look like Pete Carroll, but the other additions made it unique.

Russ dressed up as Pete Carroll for Halloween a few years ago.His impression is SPOT ON. 馃槀馃巸 (via @DangeRussWilson)

In trying to get Pete Carroll's look right, Russell Wilson put a headset on top of his wig. Speaking into the microphone, he was seen chewing gum furiously as his head coach does on the sidelines. We believe the impression is uncanny; you can judge so for yourselves.

@mikebrez5 The most awkward event in all of sports!!! Pete Carroll chewing gum!

In addition, Russell Wilson picked up the way Pete Carroll talks in staccato short bursts. He mentioned how proud he is of his players and interspersed it with 'Go Hawks.' The entire bit was hilarious, which lightened the Halloween mood. Have a look for yourselves to judge.

Russell Wilson's outfit from head to toe was just perfect. He was wearing a Seattle top which was expected. But he complimented that with a crisp pair of khaki trousers. It is what Pete Carroll rolls in more often than not.

Pete Carroll has more than dozen pairs of his khaki "utility trousers." Has played in hoops in them. Even wore them on a Wetbike from home.

Russell Wilson left nothing to chance and even chose the same sneakers that Pete Caroll generally decides to wear on game day. He is known to prefer a particular brand, and he has alluded to it through tweets.

Our equipment guys are trying to get me in new shoes... I'm thinking of staying w/ my "Air Paternos"... Thoughts??

Taken altogether, Russell Wilson did a lot of things right with the Pete Carroll costume in 2017. But he did not just change into a dress. What made it unique is that he changed his whole character to match that of his head coach. We are sure it was a fantastic experience for the children who got to see the transformation. And we are grateful that he left us with a gift for Halloween that we can revisit over and over again.

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