NFL: What interrupted play in Super Bowl XLVII for 34 minutes?

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers
Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl XLVII was a game that will be remembered forever. The San Francisco 49ers faced off against the Baltimore Ravens. This game marked the first time that two brothers met in the Super Bowl as head coaches in NFL history. Jim Harbaugh led the San Francisco 49ers into a meeting with the Baltimore Ravens, who were led by John Harbaugh.

One event in Super Bowl XLVII changed the whole trajectory of the game. Baltimore was controlling the game, and it looked like the Ravens were ready to pull away from the 49ers. But then the lights went out in the stadium, which caused a 34-minute delay.

The blackout during Super Bowl XLVII was caused by a power surge. Let's take a look at how the power outage in Super Bowl XLVII impacted the results of the game

How did the power outage in Super Bowl XLVII impact the game?

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers
Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones received a second-half kickoff and returned it for a touchdown. That score gave the Baltimore Ravens a 28-6 lead barely a second after the lights went out. Some back-up lights stayed on, but the main lights in the stadium went out.

After the 34-minute delay, the lights came back on, and Super Bowl XLVII returned to action. Ultimately, the delay hurt the Baltimore Ravens because they were seemingly on their way to a decisive win over the 49ers. But the delay helped the 49ers rally, as quarterback Colin Kaepernick led his team to 17 straight points in a four-minute span.

The Baltimore Ravens were outscored 17-7 in the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII, and the momentum in the game had shifted. Ravens kicker Justin Tucker added a field goal in the fourth quarter that pushed the Ravens' lead to eight points. But Kaepernick did not back down, and he rushed for a 15-yard touchdown to pull the 49ers within two points of Baltimore.

Tucker struck again on the Ravens' next drive and gave them a 34-29 lead over the 49ers. Baltimore punter Sam Koch rushed the football out of bounds in the end zone, so the 49ers added two points on a safety. With just four seconds left in the Super Bowl, the 49ers trailed by three points.

With only four seconds left, it was nearly impossible for the 49ers to get in field goal range. The Baltimore Ravens stopped the 49ers' last plays to secure their victory. As a result, the Ravens successfully fought off the 49ers and the 34-minute power outage to win the Super Bowl.

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