Which NFL coach has most wins including playoffs?

Hall of Fame head coach Don Shula
Hall of Fame head coach Don Shula

Every great NFL team needs a good coach. There have been plenty of legendary coaches over the years. Many of the dynasties throughout NFL history were led by a head coach during their reign. The NFL is a constantly changing game but an aspect of the sport that has always remained the same is the need for a solid head coach to be in charge of a football team on the field.

Career wins are a great way to define the legacy of a particular head coach. Postseason success, winning percentage, longevity and adaptability all play a major role in determining the greatness of a particular coach. If wins are the ultimate standard by which coaches are judged, one man stands above the rest.

Who is the winningest NFL coach of all time?

Don Shula holds the all-time record for the most combined regular and postseason wins in NFL history. His 347 career wins are 23 wins clear of the second most by the legendary George "Papa Bear" Halas. Shula spent seven years with the Baltimore Colts before a two-and-a-half decade-long run with the Miami Dolphins.

Don Shula didn't just compile wins over a long period of time, he had one of the best winning percentages in NFL history as well. He won 67.7 percent of his regular-season games, which ranks fourth all-time among all coaches with at least 100 wins. He only trails George Halas, George Allen and John Madden.

Don Shula was the only head coach in NFL history to have a perfect season. The 1972 Miami Dolphins put together the best season ever by winning all 17 games on their way to a Super Bowl title. Shula has many great accomplishments but this one tops them all.

Will any coach ever catch Don Shula?

The active head coach who is by far the closest to catching Don Shula in career wins is Bill Belichick. He has been steadily climbing the rankings through all of his success with the New England Patriots. It's possible that by the end of the 2021 NFL season, Belichick will move into second place.

Bill Belichick has 316 career wins, combining regular and postseason. He trails George Halas by just eight wins. He is almost definitely going to pass him, but the question is more about when. It will probably be at some point during the 2022 season. Bill Belichick currently trails Don Shula by just 31 career wins.

Bill Belichick became the third HC in NFL history to register 300 career wins, joining Pro Football Hall of Famers Don Shula (347 wins) and George Halas (324). Belichick’s first win as NFL HC came with Cleveland against the Patriots and 300 came for the Patriots vs. Cleveland.

That is well within his reach and will likely only take around three years to accomplish. Belichick already has the most postseason wins in NFL history (31) by far. Shula has the third-most with 19 and Tom Landry has 20 postseason wins. Belichick will more than likely retire one day as the winningest head coach in NFL history at all levels.

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