Why did Kenny Golladay receive a subpoena? Giants WR could be held in contempt of court 

New York Giants WR Kenny Golladay
New York Giants WR Kenny Golladay
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The only thing Kenny Golladay might be catching this month is legal issues. Golladay failed to attend a virtual deposition for a lawsuit back in December, which could bring some trouble his way.

The newly-signed New York Giants wide receiver has until July 22 to inform the court why he was absent for the deposition. Failure to do so by the aforementioned date could see him held in contempt of court, which could impact the Giants' training camp that is set to open on July 27.

Kenny Golladay's legal issues have been played close to the chest so far. Many fans are unaware of the situation and how it has gotten this far. Here's a quick look at why Kenny Golladay received a subpoena and what happens if he's held in contempt of court.

The reason behind Kenny Golladay's subpoena

New York Giants WR Kenny Golladay
New York Giants WR Kenny Golladay

According to the New York Post, 'Golladay is a non-party with no potential liability in a civil case' in which his former NFL agent, Jason Bernstein, is suing Redland Sports and MVP Authentics for violating their contract agreement.

Redland Sports and MVP Authentics allegedly worked with Todd France, a rival NFL agent. The two companies reportedly contacted France to set up autograph signings for Golladay in 2019. During this time, Kenny Golladay was a member of the Detroit Lions and would later hire Todd France as his agent.

Even though Kenny Golladay has no potential liability in the case, he still needs to appear in court when he receives a subpoena. He will now have to explain why he missed the scheduled subpoena date by July 22. If he doesn't, he could face legal action.

How does being held in contempt of court impact Kenny Golladay's first training camp with the Giants?

New York Giants WR Kenny Golladay
New York Giants WR Kenny Golladay

Luckily for Kenny Golladay, his contempt of court issue falls under civil contempt of court, which means an individual has failed to comply with a court order. If Kenny Golladay doesn't reply to the court by July 22, he could face jail time or a fine.

It's unlikely that Kenny Golladay will receive jail time in this case since this appears to be his first time. He could, though, receive a fine. With the New York Giants opening training camp on July 27, the timeline works in Golladay's favor, provided the chips fall his way.

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