10 best Electric-type pocket monsters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, ranked

Electric type Pokemon fron Scarlet and Violet (image via Sportskeeda)
Electric-type Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet (Image via Sportskeeda)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been around for a while now, and they introduced 103 new pocket monsters to the series. The games also have creatures from previous generations dwelling in their vast areas.

The Electric-type Pokemon fill a very niche position in the games' meta, as they deal super-effective damage to only two types. However. Electric is also the only type other than normal that has only one weakness, Ground.

The type has been around in the game since its inception. Combining Scarlet and Violet-exclusives, there are 26 Electric-type pocket monsters that players can catch. This article will rank the 10 best creatures that you can use in the game based on their prowess in battle.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's views.

Top 10 Electric-type Pokemon to catch in Scarlet and Violet

10) Jolteon


Jolteon is one of the elemental Eeveelutions, and evolves from Eevee when the latter is exposed to a Thunder Stone.

It is the fastest of them as well, with a base speed of 130. Further, the Pokemon has good Special Attack and Defense stats, but it has such low HP that it becomes quite unfeasible in PvP, where its cousins Sylveon and Umbreon shine.

Jolteon can only fill a very niche role on whatever team its on, where it outspeeds opponents to deal one or two powerful attacks before fainting. It doesn't even get access to any good offensive moves to take advantage of a defensive Tera type.

9) Pawmot


Pawmot is native to the Paldea region, and evolves from Pawmo when leveled up outside its Pokeball after it has walked 1000 steps using the Let's Go! feature.

It is a dual Electric/Fighting type, is quite fast with 105 base speed, and hits hard using its 115 base Attack stat. The Pokemon has three weaknesses: Ground, Psychic, and Fairy.

Pawmot can be used as a good support creature that can help its team with moves like Substitute, Helping Hand, Encore, and so on. If needed, it can also hit opponents hard using its signature move, Double Shock.

It is recommended that Pawmot uses Tera Electric so as to not lose its Electric-typing after using Double Shock once. It also does away with two of its weaknesses.

8) Bellibolt


Another native Electric-type of the Paldea region, Bellibolt evolves frrom Tadbulb when exposed to the Thunder Stone.

It is a bulky special attacker, and has 109 HP with 91 and 83 Defense and Special Defense, respectively, with a Special Attack of 103. These factors makes up for its poor speed.

Bellibolt's bulk also helps it take advantage of its signature abilty, Electromorphosis. It boosts the power of the next Electric-type move that the creature uses after it has been hit by a damaging move.

Bellibolt makes good use of Tera Water to deal with its Ground-type weakness as the Pokemon can learn moves like Chilling Water and Water Pulse.

7) Eelektross


Eelektross is a pure Electric-type Pokemon from Unova. Don't let its eel-like appearance deceive you, it doesn't have a secondary Water type. It evolves from Eelektrik when exposed to a Thunder Stone and is the final evolution of Tynamo.

Eelektross has a base stat total of 515, with both its Attack and Special Attack being its best stats at 115 and 105, respectively. The creature is painfully slow though, and can only perform well in a Trick Room setup. Even Tailwind will have a difficult job making the creature outspeed its opponents.

What it lacks in speed, however, it makes up for in coverage moves. Eelektross can learn U-Turn, Dragon Claw, Close Combat, Flame Thrower, Giga Drain, Zen Hedbutt, and more, which makes it a very interesting pocket pick depending on what type you Terastallize it into.

6) Luxray


Luxray is the star Electric-type creature from the Sinnoh Region. It evolves from Luxio starting at level 30 and is the final form of Shinx. Further, it gets access to Intimidate, which is a very strong ability in PvP battles.

Luxray has good stats across the board, with 120 Attack and a total of 523. You need to invest heavily in its speed stat for it to be competitively viable as it is quite slow for its class.

Being a pure Electric-type, it is weak to only Ground-type opponents, which makes Tera Grass and Ice a good option for it. Luxray has coverage moves like Trailblaze and Ice Fang, which add to its relatively constrictive leveling-up movepool.

5) Sandy Shocks


Sandy Shocks is a Scarlet-exclusive Paradox Pokemon that is a dual Electric/Ground-type. It appears to be an ancient cousin of the modern-day Magneton.

The Pokemon is quite fast as it has 101 base speed, and it also deals a lot of damage with its 121 Special Attack. Sandy Shocks also has good stats in the other fields, bringing its base stat total to 570.

It has powerful STAB attacks like Earth Power and Zap Cannon, but lacks good coverage moves to make good use of Terastallization.

4) Toxtricity


Toxtricity was introduced in Sword and Shield. The Electric-Poison-type Pokemon has two forms: Amped and Lowkey, and its pre-evolution, Toxel evolves into one of the two depending on what its nature is.

The Pokemon has a base stat total of 502, with a decent spread across the board. Its best stat is its Special Attack at 114, and if you are looking to EV train it, you should definitely invest 252 EVs in this slot.

Toxtricity can benefit from a defensive Tera-type like Ice, Water or Grass. Although it doesn't get any coverage moves that help its 4x Ground weakness, it can easily hit a Ground-type with STAB Tera Blast after Terastallizing into one of those types.

Its signature ability, Punk Rock, boosts the power of sound-based moves like Boom Burst and Overdrive, which it learns by leveling up by 30%. The ability also makes sure that Toxtricity takes 50% less damage from such moves.

3) Iron Hands


Iron Hands, a Violet-exclusive Paradox Pokemon, is a Fighting and Electric-type futuristic relative of Hariyama. It has a base stat total of 570 like the other Paradox Pokemon, and shines as a bulky physical attacker with 154 HP, 108 Defense, and 140 Attack.

It doesn't have too many game-changing Tera options, but can deal a lot of physical damage while taking lots of neutral damage. So, Tera Normal might be a good idea, as it can continue to deal STAB damage with its Electric and Fighting-type moves, while not taking super effective damage from Ground, Psychic or Fairy Pokemon.

2) Iron Thorns


Iron Thorns is a Violet-exclusive Paradox Pokemon that is supposed to be a futuristic relative of Tyranitar.

A Rock/Electric-type creature, it has a base stat total of 570. It is quite bulky with 100 HP, 110 Defense, and 84 Special Defense, and it also has an incredible Attack stat of 134.

Its type match-up is not its best suit, wherein it resists five types but takes super effective damage from four. However, thanks to Terastallization, it is in a great position. It can easily Terastallize into Flying, to do away with its all its weaknesses while turning its 4x weakness into an immunity.

Although, this doesn't add STAB to any of its moves as Iron Hands doesn't learn any Flying moves, the defensive advantage it grants the Pokemon makes it a force to be reckoned with.

1) Miraidon


Miraidon is the box Legendary of Pokemon Violet and is a Electric/Dragon-type Pokemon, also known as the Iron Serpent.

Being a box Legendary, it has a massive base stat total of 670. Its 85 base Attack is its only stat that is less than 100. Further, it is incredibly fast with a base speed of 135.

It has six resistances and four weaknesses. While it is currently not available in PvP battles, when it is allowed in the future, the best way to use Miraidon would be to Terastallize it into an Electric-type and give it an Air Balloon to hold. That way, it will not have any weaknesses while hitting opponents with Dragon and Electric-type attacks.

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