Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour February 7: Starting time, event bonuses, and more

Upcoming Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour (Image via Niantic)
Upcoming Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour (Image via Niantic)

A brand new month means a fresh batch of Spotlight Hours for Pokemon GO players to enjoy. The month of January featured Alolan Sandshrew, Swirlix, Seedot, Tynamo, and Blitzle appearing in the weekly event. February's very first iteration of the Spotlight Hour event will feature Pidgey, the Generation I Tiny Bird Pokemon.

Spotlight Hours are excellent opportunities for Pokemon GO players to encounter Pokemon with rare spawn rates as they spawn quite frequently during the stipulated time period of the event. Furthermore, these also include event bonuses for players to reap benefits from.

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This article jots down everything that Pokemon GO players need to know about the upcoming Spotlight Hour that's scheduled to be held later this week.

Pidgey will be featured in the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour on February 7: Event bonuses and how to prepare

The upcoming Spotlight Hour is slated to be held this week on Tuesday, February 7, 2023. The event will begin at 6:00 pm local time and last for an hour until 7:00 pm local time. As mentioned above, the occasion will feature Pidgey in the limelight.

For the duration of one hour, the Tiny Bird Pokemon will appear with an increased frequency in the wild around the trainer avatar. Introduced back in Generation I, Pidgey is a dual-type Normal and Flying Pokemon that's one of the most recognizable Pokemon faces in the world.

With the help of 12 Pidgey Candy, Pidgey can be evolved into Pidgeotto by trainers in Pokemon GO. It can then be further evolved into Pidgeot by utilizing 50 Pidgey Candy. Finally, players can mega evolve Pidgeot to get the formidable Mega Pidgeot for a limited in-game time.


The increased spawn frequency of this Pokemon during the upcoming Spotlight Hour will allow Pokemon GO players to accumulate the required Pidgey Candy for all three stages of evolution. Trainers are advised to evolve a Pokemon with the best stats and IVs to land themselves a powerful Pidgeot that can be mega evolved later on.

If they're lucky, this week's Spotlight Hour event will allow players to encounter Shiny Pidgey in the wild as well. Sporting a greenish hue, the shiny variant of Pidgey can then be further evolved to get a Shiny Pidgeotto and a Shiny Pidgeot.

The event bonus for the upcoming Spotlight Hour will be 2x Evolution XP. It's highly recommended that players evolve as many Pokemon as possible during the event to make the most out of this bonus.


Players should ensure that they have adequate space in their Pokemon Storage Box and a large number of PokeBalls to catch as many Pidgeys as possible during the stated hour.

Trainers should also use in-game items to further enhance their rewards during the Spotlight Hour event. For a short period of time, Incense will boost the spawn rate of wild Pokemon, Lucky Eggs will boost the amount of XP earned, and Star Pieces will boost the amount of Stardust earned.

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