Pokemon GO: Top 5 strongest Dragon-types in the game

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
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Often considered some of Pokemon GO's strongest, Dragon-type Pokemon are incredibly popular and are a great asset to trainer battle parties.

As with any elemental type; however, dragon-types have certain Pokemon that stand above the rank-and-file and truly dominate their category. Although the list can change for a variety of reasons depending on what metrics are used, there is a debatable top list of Dragon-type Pokemon for dealing significant damage to their target.


For the sake of this list, the metric measured for these top Dragon-types in Pokemon GO will be measured by their damage per second (DPS) dealt with by the ideal set of moves they possess.

Pokemon GO: Top 5 Dragon-types by attack DPS

#5 - Dragonite

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

An oft-spotted Pokemon in both PvE and PvP, Dragonite is a tough fighter despite its innocent looks. If it has the moves Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor at its disposal, Dragonite can deal 18.5 points of damage per second. Draco Meteor is also an absolute nuke of a move in Pokemon GO, though its charge time is a long one.

Moves aside, Dragonite's stats place it in the upper tier of Pokemon GO's Dragon-types. Its maximum attack stat, standing at 263 in particular, is noteworthy. A maximum CP of 4287 ensures it has plenty of room to grow once acquired.

#4 - Dialga

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Hailing from Generation IV's Sinnoh region, Pokemon Diamond's mascot is a dual Steel/Dragon-type with plenty to offer prospective trainers. Because of its types, this Legendary Pokemon possesses only two elemental weaknesses (Ground- and Fighting-type moves) and a staggering 10 total elemental resistances. Not much can hit Dialga where it hurts in Pokemon GO.

When using Metal Claw and Draco Meteor, Dialga can deal 18.58 damage per second. Though that total is only slightly higher than Dragonite, Dialga won't be worrying about Ice, Fairy, or other Dragon-type moves dealing too much damage to it.

#3 - Salamence

Image via Niantic \Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via Niantic \Image via The Pokemon Company

A fan-favorite Pokemon from Hoenn, Salamence is more proof that Dragon-types don't need to be legendary to be fearsome. With a high maximum attack stat of 277, Salamence can deal damage in bunches. In fact, pairing it with Dragon Tail and Outrage gives it a DPS output of 19.76 in Pokemon GO.

One particular drawback it should avoid at all costs is its intense weakness to Ice-type attacks. As a dual Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon, Salamence takes 256% damage from any Ice move in Pokemon GO. Though it does have other weaknesses, Ice is the one that will hobble this Pokemon.

#2 - Rayquaza

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Considered by many to be the best and one of the most popular Pokemon of all time, the serpentine dragon Rayquaza originates from Generation III of the mainline Pokemon Games.

As a master of the sky and atmosphere, Rayquaza is both a Dragon-type and a Flying-type Pokemon. In Pokemon GO, Rayquaza can deal a whopping 19.76 damage per second using Dragon Tail and Outrage.

Though its maximum defense stat being 170 does hurt it a bit when it comes to taking damage itself, Rayquaza's max attack of 284 and CP of 4336 makes it a fearsome attacker in any battle arena it finds itself in.

#1 - Reshiram

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Though many would debatably place Rayquaza in this spot on the list, Reshiram edges it out in the DPS department by the slightest of margins. Its higher maximum defense stat and CP allow it to stay in the fight somewhat longer as well on a level playing field, giving it a higher overall damage potential before fainting.

Using the moves Fire Fang and Overheat, Reshiram can deal 19.78 damage per second.

Since it is a dual Dragon/Fire-type, Reshiram doesn't possess the Ice or Fairy-type weaknesses that many of its kind share. However, this is traded off for a weakness to Rock and Ground-type attacks, as well as a standard weakness to Dragon-type moves.

While the top members of this list can be debated and moved around depending on the circumstances, any Pokemon GO player can be happy to have any of these Dragon-types in their battle party. They are among the game's fiercest fighters and make it clear early on what they can do.

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