The best counters for Cliff in Pokemon GO (September 2021)

Team GO Rocket Leader Cliff in Pokemon GO. (Image via Niantic)
Team GO Rocket Leader Cliff in Pokemon GO. (Image via Niantic)
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Team GO Rocket Leader Cliff is a tough opponent that Pokemon GO trainers will have to face.

Having entered September, Team GO's Cliff has seen a shift in his Pokemon lineup. Like the other Team GO Rocket Leaders, Cliff will have a definitive starting Pokemon and then several others once it is defeated.


These Pokemon rotate out, meaning Pokemon GO trainers will see a different lineup in all of their encounters with Cliff.

The best Pokemon GO counters for Cliff (September 2021)

How to defeat Cliff in Pokemon GO. (Image via Niantic)
How to defeat Cliff in Pokemon GO. (Image via Niantic)

Once players collect the Mysterious Components and build the Rocket Rader, they will encounter a Team GO Rocket Leader in Pokemon GO. One of those leaders may be Cliff.

Cliff's Pokemon are quite diverse compared to his counterparts. Considering the relentless rotation in his lineup, players will benefit from knowing his Pokemon:

  • First Pokemon: Seedot
  • Second Pokemon: Hariyama, Kingler, or Poliwrath
  • Third Pokemon: Sharpedo, Torterra, or Tyranitar

First Pokemon

The first Pokemon will always be Seedot. It is a Grass-type Pokemon with a few glaring weaknesses. Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison-types will take this rather fragile Pokemon GO creature down easily.

The best counter for this Pokemon is Crobat. A Crobat with Air Slash/Sludge Bomb in its moveset can easily deal with Seedot. In addition to that, it'll be useful for the second Pokemon.

Second Pokemon

Stick with Crobat as its Air Slash attack will be supereffective against Hariyama and Poliwrath. Sludge Bomb doesn't consume too much energy and will deal solid damage, despite its normal effectiveness.

If Hariyama isn't the second Pokemon, it is good to have an Electric-type on the team. Electivire and Zapdos are great choices with Thunder Shock/Wild Charge and Thunder Shock/Thunder respectively.

Third Pokemon

Crobat or the Electric-type remain good options in this Pokemon GO battle. The latter can deal with Sharpedo, while Crobat can sweep the whole team if Cliff sends out Torterra.

However, it is recommended to have a fighting-type in the lineup as well as both Sharpedo and Tyranitar are weak to it. Machamp and Conkeldurr with Counter/Dynamic Punch will bring the battle to a swift end.

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