10 rare classic Roblox items that cost more than 5000 Robux

Roblox items that are rare and expensive (Image via Roblox)
Roblox items that are rare and expensive (Image via Roblox)

Players on Roblox have a number of options when it comes to how they use the valuable Robux. Purchasing products on the platform, which range from whimsical accessories to necessary tools, is a fun way to immerse yourself in the digital environment.

Currently, the title is free to play. Players can do a lot without spending any money, but if they pay to play, they will get access to better features but they can do even more if they pay some. Robux is the game's currency and is quite valuable in the game's world.

Though some items are available for free, others cost Robux. Check out this list of some rare collectible items one should aim to buy in the game.

Roblox: Rare items in the shop that cost a fortune

This list is not absolute as the offer price may change and new items may be released by developers on occasions.

10) Dreamwalker's Dagger - 6,000 Robux

Roblox released Dreamwalker's Dagger on November 4, 2011. This dagger deals 24 damage and attacks in the same way that the Ghostfire Sword does. When the user clicks the Q key, the user throws up to six daggers in an arc circle at a distance, putting the opponent to sleep for a few seconds.

This freezes the opponent, forces them to remove their gear, and rearranges their backpack order.


The sleep effect isn't effective on beginners. However, it is more cumbersome for fighters who have numerous rows of gear, as they must reorganize it after the effects wear off.

9) Blue Sparkle Time Bandana - 8,000 Robux


Blue Sparkle Time Bandana is a face item that was released on September 6, 2018, in the avatar shop. It cost 8,000 Robux to obtain, and has over 2,900 favorites, while being purchased 236 times. Its genre is Town and City. Though the bandana was also available in red and green, blue was everyone's favorite.

8) Gold Spartan - 10,000 Robux

Gold Spartan is a limited-edition character that was launched on April 1, 2012, after being created on September 29, 2011, with 44 being sold so far. User 'flakies' has a hidden hoard of ten copies at the moment. This helmet was perfect for players obsessed with the Roman army and want to show off as a magister militum.


Pair it with the Royal Fur Cape, Ancient Roman Greek Toga, and Emperor's Laurel for that complete Julius Ceaser fantasy! On a side note, players can design their own shirts and pants as well.

7) Ghostwalker - 12,000 Robux

On October 29, 2010, Roblox released Ghostwalker, a limited-edition unique item in the Avatar Shop. With 100 copies in stock, its price is 12,000 Robux. Currently, it has over 8,400 favorites.


Each level increases the sword's damage while also making the wielder more translucent. While maxed, it does up to 25 damage when slicing and 50 damage when lunging. When maxed out, it's better suited as a covert instrument that can assassinate even the toughest bosses.

6) Eyes of Emeraldwrath - 15,000 Robux


Roblox released The Eyes of Emeraldwrath, a limited-edition unique face, in the avatar shop on February 27, 2009. It cost 15,000 Robux and was limited to 121 copies, with 14,000 favourites. It's the first in the Eyes of Wrath series of variations.

The face can be used in many ways to intimidate opponents and win a war by brains, not just brute strength.

5) Eyes of Crimsonwrath - 15,000 Robux


Roblox released The Eyes of Crimsonwrath, a limited-edition unique face, in the avatar shop on April 8, 2011. It cost 15,000 Robux and had a limited supply of 122 copies. The third version of the Eyes of Wrath series has over 18,800 favorites. This can be used to show pure rage, and once wielded, can bring out power from the subconscious.

4) Dominus Frigidus - 39,000 Robux


Dominus Frigidus is a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind hat that was released in the Roblox avatar shop on March 24, 2011. With 26 copies in stock, it could have been acquired for 39,000 Robux.

Sethycakes created it as part of a Make-A-Request Foundation request. In the Dominus series, this is the third hat. Despite having over 105,441 favorites, only nine known copies remain.

3) Wings of Liberty - 50,000 Robux


Wings of Liberty is a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind back accessory that was released as part of Roblox's Memorial Day 2016 sale on May 19, 2016. With a quantity of 50 copies, it could have been acquired for 50,000 Robux. It has over 15,400 favorites.

2) Bling $$ Necklace - 250,000 Robux


The Bling $$ Necklace is a limited-edition neck ornament released by Roblox on August 17, 2010 in the avatar shop. It was available for 250,000 Tickets until September 1, 2010, when it went off-sale. Eventually, tickets were taken down as well.

Only 49 copies were sold before the amount was limited on an unknown date. It has over 15,400 favorites. It is currently available, but at such an unimaginable cost that it is nearly impossible to buy.

1) Lady of the Federation - 250,000 Robux


Lady of the Federation is a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind hat that was released in the avatar shop on January 25, 2015. It could be purchased for 250,000 Robux and only 10 copies are available. Part of the Federation franchise, it has over 8,900 favorites.

The Federation series mostly consists of extremely costly limited intergalactic-themed crowns and tiara headgears with names based on royal and noble positions.

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